Compact multi-parameter monitor / transport vsign200 Cardioline

Compact multi-parameter monitor / transport vsign200 Cardioline

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vsign200 is a compact device built with innovative technology which weighs only 1.9 kg. It is a reliable patient monitor which is resistant to water spills and IPX2 shock. The efficient design helps in providing effective patient care. The product is capable of capturing the vital signs quickly in emergency care. The needs of the patient care in ambulance as well as for EMS are met with the help of ambulatory mount bracket and 12V Car adaptor which is provided with the device. It has a power back up system that runs with re-chargeable battery with a high capacity of 5 hours. A battery of 10 hours is also available optionally to support the device when it is used outdoor. The various needs of the end user are efficiently met by the configuration options of the device. Data is transferred securely and also had Ethernet or Wi-Fi with Windows™ software.
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