Patient data management system / ECG cubeholter Cardioline

Patient data management system / ECG cubeholter Cardioline

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Cubeholter is all-in-one solution for managing Holter ECG tests. It consists of various windows that are used for monitoring all program features at the same time which ranges from just showing the trace in multiple formats in order to validate the automatic analysis as well as printing out the final document. It is having five main windows, each of which designed to take the operator’s attention to a specific aspect of the test. The RR tachogram is displayed by the RR window, the committed trends for all type of arrhythmia. The result of the morphological analysis is presented by the families window combining all the complexes formed during the Holter recording into classes. All the episodes detected are enlisted by the events window, showing the number and enabling the user to evaluate them in context always. The ST window takes the focus of the operator’s attention to the ST and QT segment analysis. There is a report window that enables user to write conclusions, organize the final document for printing.
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