ABPM patient monitor / Bluetooth walk200b Cardioline

ABPM patient monitor / Bluetooth walk200b Cardioline

The walk200b is a blood pressure holter recording device which can last up to 24 hours or more. walk200b complain with the CARDIOLINE® sw. Cubeabpm (see the dedicated docs). walk200b is user friendly, light and compact which keeps the patients very comfortable. Its unique features are: 1. The LCD display gives a clear view of the measured values and services messages, functionality disabled via software; connectivity to PC based on blue-tooth standard technology. 2. Its self-adapting algorithm helps in controlling the cuff pressure. 3. It has an event marker function and start/stop wake up/sleep periods. 4. Its compact size and noiseless pump.
  • Other characteristic: : Bluetooth
  • Measured parameters: : ABPM
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