12-channel cardiac Holter monitor walk400h Cardioline

12-channel cardiac Holter monitor walk400h Cardioline

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The product is a holter recorder having capability to memorize and obtain ECG channels of 3 to 12. The device is compatible with CARDIOLINE® holter reader software. It is used as a microcomputer with a high quality connectivity with PC by which holter tests can be handle easily and memorized. The instrument has large and high quality color LCD by which six ECG signal charts can be displayed simultaneously. The completion of test is done with ease and rapidly by the user-friendly interface that is provided with the product with guided procedures. The connectivity of PC is done with the wireless technology of Bluetooth. It can also be done with the help of USB cable. The vocal messages are determined by the product or the details of the patient are inserted while the preparation of the test with the help of in-built voice recorder. Movement sensor is incorporated with the product by which motor activity of patient is recorded. The data memorization is huge and the test can be handled that it lasts up to seven days.
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