3-channels cardiac Holter monitor clickholter Cardioline

3-channels cardiac Holter monitor clickholter Cardioline

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Clickholter is an ECG signal recorder (Holter) which is characterized by its portability. It can store data, independent of the necessity of detachable media. By means of the USB connection interface, there is a quick and secured transfer of data to a personal computer for undergoing subsequent analysis. The users are endowed with sufficient patient comfort, including the most favorable work environment, consistent recording, minimum weight and size, owing to the technical solutions that are implemented. “Interactive” and “stand alone” are the two separate working methods, besides the quality control mechanism of dual recording, abolition of risks due to test-patient associations and quick download of recording. Specifically, the two work methods imply that, the users can trigger recording independent of external equipment, confirm the signal quality, as well as prepare the patient. The PC directly manages every programming phase of recording and preparation. The recorder is attached to the computer by the CARDIOLINE® Holter software and the secured USB connection. This facilitates checking of the ECG signal of the patient.
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