Hand-held spirometer / USB pneumos500 Cardioline

Hand-held spirometer / USB pneumos500 Cardioline

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Pneumos500 is a mobile spirometer that measures crucial respiratory parameters like FVC, VC, MVV, etc. It is compactly designed and light-weight (300 grams) and comes with a 3.3” color touch-screen, adding edge to its utility. It makes use of simple, easy-to-use, and innovative technology. Its reliability is accounted to the ultrasonic measurement that requires no mechanical movement. The internal memory of the device can handle a maximum of 20,000 medical cases. It can be connected to a computer for the purpose of printing reports, storage, real-time viewing, and management of data. The instrument is to be used under expert supervision. To name a few of its salient features: medical database, automatic scale of measurement, rechargeable internal battery, software that manages data and helps in printing reports, ultrasonic technology, free of items in motion in the interior, routine comparison of numerical values with the theoretical values, and a graphical touch screen of 256k colors interface along with 1/4 VGA (320 X 240 pixels).
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