Digital veterinary electrocardiograph ar600view VET Cardioline

Digital veterinary electrocardiograph ar600view VET Cardioline
ar600view VET

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Vet600 has a portable electrocardiograph with dual power supply, , which in the basic configuration allows:. Recording of an ECG in either automatic or manual mode. Key Features Printing Single: Printing the ECG on 60 mm single channel format paper using a high resolution thermal print. Storing Recording: Storing the most recent ECG recording in automatic mode and printing additional copies of the ECG as required. Flexibility: Thanks to the flexibility of the software utilized and to the infrared interface. Moment Suit: Vet600 can be becoming at any given moment to suit your individual requirements. Range Options: The range of options offered is particularly generous and there are no restrictions or constraints, as the selection can be made either at the moment of purchase or later on at your clinic or surgery without having to interrupt day to day activity.
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