Digital electrocardiograph / wireless / 12-channel ar600view bt Cardioline

Digital electrocardiograph / wireless / 12-channel ar600view bt Cardioline
ar600view bt

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Cardioline features the latest ar600view BT available in Bluetooth version in addition with base version, with an aim to facilitate data transmission through integrated Bluetooth interface. It is an electrocardiograph device, designed with dual power system that helps it to consume power from internal rechargeable battery pack or mains. In the base version of ar600view, it registers ECG in auto-timer, manual and automatic mode; besides, it visualizes real-time ECG signal on the graphic display in the 3 and 3+3 channel format. After this, the ECG machine prints the electrocardiogram signal having high resolution with the help of a thermal printer on a paper of size 60mm in different formats which include- 1, 2, 2+R, 3 along with 6 channels. Ar600view BT comes with a powerful memory that stores last automatic ECG for taking printout of the same. It is capable of organizing tests by time/date and comes with a keyboard to enter data of user as well as patient. Flexible firmware makes the device compatible with users’ individual needs at any time, by entering a certain activation code.
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