ECR 2016 - European Congress of Radiology

ECR 2016
The European Congress of Radiology represents the medical specialty of radiology throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. The ECR comprises a Congress Committee, a Programme Planning Committee, and 17 Scientific Subcommittees. 
The next ECR congress will be held from March 2–6, 2016 (Wednesday to Sunday), in Vienna, Austria.
For more information on ECR meetings and initiatives, see the related sections of this website. 

ECR Identity 
The European Congress of Radiology should be referenced by its name, in full, or by the acronym ECR. Any alternative wording of the name is incorrect. The annual congress of the ESR is termed ECR 2016 (or relevant date) and should be referenced appropriately


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High volume screening with 3D mammography

Friday, March 4, 14:00–15:30, Room C

Moderators: B. Martins; Brussels/BE, P. Skaane; Oslo/NO

» Practical experience optimising reading workflow for 3D mammography P. Skaane; Olso/NO

» Optimising dose and performance with C-View in 3D mammography screening A. Smith; Boston, MA/US

» High volume 3D mammography screening assessment D. Bernardi; Trento/IT

New waves of ultrasound

Wednesday, March 2, 12:30–13:30, Room L8

Moderator: W. Luiten; Hoevelaken/NL

» The new generation of zone sonography technology N. Qiu; Shenzhen/CN

» Improved characterisation of focal liver lesions, the EFSUMB guidelines on contrast enhanced ultrasound C.F. Dietrich; Bad Mergentheim/DE

» Clinical impact of-high resolution technologies in everyday ultrasound clinical practice F. Calliada; Pavia/IT





Breast MRI – Today and Tomorrow

March 2, 10:30–12:00, Studio 2016

Chair: G. M. Newstead, Chicago / US - Practical tips on performing, reading and reporting L. Umutlu, Essen / DE - Abbreviated Breast MRI: First post-contrast subtracted images and maximum-intensity projection – a novel approach to breast cancer screening with MRI C. Kuhl, Aachen / DE - Perspectives in diffusion-weighted breast imaging S. Bickelhaupt, Heidelberg / DE - Optimizing breast MRI using novel imaging strategies, dedicated reading protocols and computer-aided diagnosis R. Mann, Nijmegen / N

Breast Screening Controversies

March 2, 12:15–13:45, Studio 2016

Chair: S. Heywang-Köbrunner, Munich / DE

- Viewpoint of the IARC Working Group S. Heywang-Köbrunner, Munich / DE
- Evaluation of Virtual Touch Tissue Imaging Quantification (VTIQ-2D-SWE) in the assessment of BI-RADS® 3 and 4 lesion M. Golatta, Heidelberg / DE
- Is digital breast tomosynthesis ready for routine-screening? S. Zackrisson, Malmö / SW
- Modern methods for MRI screening G. M. Newstead, Chicago / US Discussion

Update and Understanding on Gd Deposits

March 3, 12:30–13:30, M2

Chair: V. M. Runge, Bern / CH

- Gd deposits in preclinical perspective H. Pietsch, Berlin / DE
- What do we know from the clinical research? A. Radbruch, Heidelberg / DE

Dose Registries: Strength in Numbers for Quality Management, DRLs and Research

March 3, 12:30–13:30, M5

Chair: M. Forsting, Essen / DE

- Concept and goals for the 1st Patient-Dose-Register in Germany M. Forsting, Essen / DE
- Setting the course for practical DRLs: A regional dose registry in Switzerland S. Schindera, Basel / CH

Synergies in CT for Better Patient Care

March 4, 12:30–13:30, Location: F2

Chair: J. E. Wildberger, Maastricht / NL

- Individualized contrast-enhanced CT scans in clinical practice – challenges and solutions J. E. Wildberger, Maastricht / NL
- TwinBeam Dual Energy – Clinical relevance in daily routine B. Jankharia, Mumbai / IN
- Latest news on Dual Source CT – Imaging without compromises  T. Flohr, Forchheim / DE

Standards, Guidelines and Protocols Improving Diagnostic Results in CT and MRI Neuroimaging

March 4, 14:00–15:30, Location: Z

Chair: I. Tyurin, Moscow / RU, I. Pronin, Moscow / RU

Introduction I. Tyurin, Moscow / RU
- Advances in contrast-enhanced MRI and CT of the brain and spine including advanced imaging techniques  M. Essig, Winnipeg / CA
- Recommendations, protocols and modern technologies in neurooncology and neurotrauma  I. Pronin, Moscow / RU and N. Zakharova, Moscow / RU
- Non-oncologic neuroimaging: standards, protocols and recommendations V. Fokin, St. Petersburg / RU

Improving the risk-benefit ratio of CT and MRI procedures

March 4, 14:00–15:30, Location: Room G

Chair: Christian Herold

Objective: Goal of this event is to:
- Strengthen the understanding of benefit deriving from contrast enhancement in MRI and CT procedures.
- Improve knowledge on how to most effectively prevent and manage immediate-type adverse reactions to MRI and CT contrast agents.

When to use contrast to enhance diagnostic performance in CT and MR Contrast enhancement needs in abdominal imaging - Luis Martí-Bonmatí
- CT and MR contrast in brain imaging – Paul Parizel
- How to effectively prevent and manage acute adverse reactions to MR or CT contrast Size of the problem in 2016 – Fulvio Stacul
- What to do before a contrast-enhanced exam – Aart van der Molen
- What to do during and after the exam – Fulvio Stacul

Christian Herold Vienna General Hospital –




The ECR is the annual meeting of the ESR. It is a trend-setting, dynamic and service-oriented congress, well-known as one of the most innovative meetings within the scientific community, embedded in a unique and inspiring ambience.

Congress Venue:
Austria Center Vienna
Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, 1220 Vienna, Austria

Congress Language: English

CME Accreditation: Each ECR delegate has access to confirmation of all activities attended (CME confirmation and record of attendance). The maximum number of CME points of scientific activity attendance will be disclosed as soon as the ECR’s application has been approved, which should be toward the end of 2015.
For further information, please contact the ECR CME Support at [email protected]

ECR 2016 Registration Deadlines:

Please observe the relevant ECR Registration Deadlines.

Registration fees depend on the date your payment is received in our account and will be adjusted accordingly if the payment is not received by the relevant deadline.

Early Fee:
September 1 - November 11, 2015 (23:59 CET)
Middle Fee: November 12 - December 17, 2015 (23:59 CET)
Late Fee: from December 18, 2015 on wards

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Wednesday, March 2

New Horizons Session

NH 1

E3 - ECR Academy

E3 121

E3 - ECR Master Class

E3 126

Refresher Courses (100) EuroSafe Imaging Session 1

E3 - ECR Academy

E3 221

Scientific Sessions (200)

Satellite Symposia - Breast Care Day

E3 - The Beauty of Basic Knowledge

E3 24A, E3 25A

Clinical Trials in Radiology 1 Satellite Symposia

Thursday, March 3

New Horizons Session

NH 5

Professional Challenges Session

PC 5

Special Focus Session

SF 5

State of the Art Symposium SA 5

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 522, E3 521, E3 519

E3 - ECR Master Class

E3 526

Refresher Courses (500) Joint Course: ESR and RSNA MC 528

E3 - Rising Stars Programme Basic Session 1

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 621, E3 622

Joint Course: ESR and RSNA

MC 628

Scientific Sessions (600)

E3 - Rising Stars Programme

Basic Session 2

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Honorary Lecture Andrea G. Rockall; UK

E3 - The Beauty of Basic Knowledge

E3 24B, E3 25B

Clinical Trials in Radiology 2 Satellite Symposia

RTF Quiz

Friday, March 4

Professional Challenges Sessions

PC 9a, PC 9b

Special Focus Sessions

SF 9a, SF 9b, SF 9c

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 922, E3 921, E3 920, E3 919

Refresher Courses (900) EFOMP Workshop EF 1

E3 - Rising Stars Programme Student Session 3

ESR meets the Nordic Countries

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 1022, E3 1021

Scientific Sessions (1000)

EFOMP Workshop EF 2

E3 - Rising Stars Programme

Student Session 4

Josef Lissner Honorary Lecture Valérie Vilgrain; FR0

E3 - The Beauty of Basic Knowledge

E3 24C, E3 25C

MIR @ ECR Session MIR 1

Satellite Symposia

Saturday, March 5

Special Focus Sessions

SF 13a, SF 13b, SF 13c, SF 13d

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 1321, E3 1318

E3 - European Diploma Prep Session

E3 1323 Refresher Courses (1300)

ESR Patient Advisory Group ESR-PAG 1

E3 - Rising Stars Programme

Basic Session 4

ESR meets Japan

E3 - ECR Academy

E3 1421

E3 - European Diploma Prep Session E3 1423

Refresher Course

RC 1405

Scientific Sessions (1400)

ESR Patient Advisory Group ESR-PAG 2

RTF Highlighted Lectures

E3 - Rising Stars Programme

Basic Session 5

Sven-Ivar Seldinger

Honorary Lecture

Staffan Holmin; SE

E3 - The Beauty of Basic Knowledge

E3 24D, E3 25D

Junior Image Interpretation Quiz EIBIR Session 3

Satellite Symposia

Sunday, March 6

Special Focus Sessions

SF 17a, SF 17b

Professional Challenges Session

PC 17

State of the Art Symposium SA 17

E3 - ECR Academy

E3 1721

E3 - ECR Master Classes

E3 1726a, E3 1726b, E3 1726c, E3 1726d

Refresher Courses (1700) EIBIR Session 4

Joint Session: ESR and ESHI E3 - Rising Stars Programme Basic Session 6

ESR meets Colombia

Professional Challenges Session

PC 18

E3 - ECR Master Class

E3 1826

E3 - European Diploma Prep Session E3 1823

Scientific Sessions (1800)

E3 - The Beauty of Basic Knowledge

E3 24E, E3 25E

E3 - Rising Stars Programme

Case-Based Diagnosis Training

The Voice of EPOS • in the EPOS™ Arena Wednesday – Saturday: hourly between 09:00 and 17:00 • Sunday: hourly between 09:00 and 13:00

14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30

16:00 16:30 17:00 17:30

17:45 18:00 18:30 19:00

Wednesday, March 2

Scientific Sessions (300) Satellite Symposia - Breast Care Day

New Horizons Session

NH 4

E3 - ECR Academy

E3 419

E3 - ECR Master Classes

E3 426a, E3 426b

Pros & Cons Session

PS 427 Refresher Courses (400) EuroSafe Imaging Session 2

Satellite Symposia - Breast Care Day

Opening Ceremony Presentation of Honorary Members: Ronald L. Arenson; US Hassen A. Gharbi; TN Qiyong Guo; CN

Thursday, March 3

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 721, E3 722

Scientific Sessions (700) EIBIR Session 1

ESOR Session

Joint Course: ESR and RSNA

MC 728

E3 - Rising Stars Programme Student Session 1

Professional Challenges Sessions

PC 8a, PC 8b

Special Focus Sessions

SF 8a, SF 8b, SF 8c, SF 8d Multidisciplinary Session

MS 8

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 822, E3 821, E3 819

Refresher Courses (800)

Joint Session:

American College of Radiology Session ESR Working Group on Ultrasound

Joint Course: ESR and RSNA

MC 828

E3 - Rising Stars Programme

Student Session 2

Friday, March 4

EFRS meets Sweden

Image Interpretation Quiz

MIR @ ECR Session

MIR 2 EIBIR Session 2

Joint Session: ESR and ESMRMB Satellite Symposia

Professional Challenges Sessions

PC 12a, PC 12b

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 1221, E3 1220, E3 1218

E3 - ECR Master Classes

E3 1226a, E3 1226b, E3 1226c Refresher Courses (1200)

MIR @ ECR Session MIR 3

EuroSafe Imaging Session 3

Joint Session: ESR and EANM

EDiR talk

E3 - Rising Stars Programme

Basic Session 3

Saturday, March 5

Special Focus Session

SF 15

State of the Art Symposium SA 15

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 1521, E3 1520, E3 1518

E3 - ECR Master Class

E3 1526

E3 - European Diploma Prep Session

E3 1523

Refresher Courses (1500) Joint Session: ESR and ERS E3 - Rising Stars Programme Student Final Session

Special Focus Session

SF 16

Multidisciplinary Sessions

MS 16a, MS 16b

E3 - ECR Academies

E3 1621, E3 1620, E3 1618

E3 - ECR Master Class

E3 1626

E3 - European Diploma Prep Session E3 1623 Refresher Courses (1600) EuroSafe Imaging Session 4

Joint Session: ESR and ESTRO

Joint Session: ESR, EFSUMB and ESPR

Sunday, March 6

E3 European Diploma Prep Session

E3 1923

Scientific Sessions (1900)

E3 - Rising Stars Programme

Case-Based Diagnosis Training

The Voice of EPOS • in the EPOS™ Arena Wed – Sat: hourly between 09:00 and 17:00 • Sun: hourly between 09:00 and 13:00

Management in Radiology@ECR 2016

Friday, March 4, Vienna/AT
12:15 - 17:30

MIR Session 1:
Communication in radiology
Friday, March 4, 2016/12:15-13:45/Room D2

Moderators: Sergey Morozov; Moscow/RU, Bernd Hamm; Berlin/DE

A. Communication and conflict resolution in radiology: how to recruit and retain the best team (Pablo R. Ros; Cleveland; OH/US)
1. To review the key principles of excellence in building medical imaging teams
2. To understand how to recruit and retain the best radiology team members
3. To appreciate the value of communication in conflict resolution and high performance radiology teams

B. Impact of structured reporting on communication with referring physicians (Daniel Pinto dos Santos; Mainz/DE)
1. To understand how structured reporting can improve communication with the referring physicians.
2. To learn about how structured reporting can support communication and tracking of actionable findings.
3. To become familiar with current developments in structured reporting.

C. Informed consent in the radiology department: when and how? (Luis H. Ros Mendoza; Zaragoza/ES)
1. To learn about the role and importance that informed consents currently have in radiology departments.
2. To discuss about the radiological procedures and techniques that need or need not an informed consent.
3. To understand the importance of a thorough and accurate design of informed consents.

D. Patients’ expectations in communication with radiologists (Erik Briers; Hasselt/BE)
1. To learn about patients' expectations when entering the radiology department.
2. To understand the knowledge gap between “the average” patient and the “average” radiologist.
3. To learn to overcome the knowledge gap without making the message become childish or treating the patient as a child.
4. To appreciate the multiple levels of patient knowledge.


MIR Session 2:
Improving quality and safety in radiology
Friday, March 4, 2016/14:00-15:30/Room D2

Moderators: David A. Koff; Hamilton, ON/CA, E. Jane Adam; London/UK

A. How to run a safe department? (Peter Cavanagh; Taunton/UK)
1. To understand the key drivers for developing a safe radiology service.
2. To learn about a framework that helps to implement a safe system within a radiology department.
3. To learn about approaches that can be used in your department.

B. Patient satisfaction with radiology departments: are we doing our best? (Graciano Paulo; Coimbra/PT)
1. To learn about the importance of a harmonised and structured communication process with patients.
2. To be aware of patients' needs and fragilities at the point of care.
3. To understand the importance of health professionals teamwork as a tool to develop a patient safety culture.

C. Is there any evidence for decision support? (Giles Boland; Boston, MA/US)
1. To understand the goals of clinical decision support tools.
2. To discuss and evaluate the emerging tools available.
3. To discuss the evidence for improving clinical outcome.

D. Dose monitoring and benchmarking: opportunities to improve radiation protection (Davide Caramella; Pisa/IT)
1. To demonstrate the importance of systematic dose monitoring in radiology.
2. To understand how dose monitoring may reduce clinically unjustified variations within and between hospitals.
3. To propose a paradigm shift from risk communication to safety reassurance.


MIR Session 3:
Improving radiology departments
Friday, March 4, 2016/16:00-17:30/Room D2

Moderators: Jon K. Bell; Manchester/UK, Peter Mildenberger; Mainz/DE

A. Health and wellbeing in the workplace (Cary L. Cooper; Manchester/UK)
1. To assess the costs of poor health and wellbeing at work in personal and organisational outcomes.
2. To explore the workplace stressors that deplete wellbeing at work.
3. To highlight strategies for enhancing wellbeing at work and minimising stress.

B. The role of radiology departments in the patient-centred care ‐ requirements for improvement (Ronald Arenson; San Francisco, CA/US)
1. To become familiar with information system tools for Radiology to become more patient-centric.
2. To understand the importance of radiologists' interactions with patients.
3. To appreciate the transformation needed for Radiology to adopt to new health systems.

C. Key features for organisational and financial sustainability (Elisabeth Schouman-Claeys; Paris/FR)
1. To search for economies of scale, developing closer collaboration and possible merging
2. To promote comprehensive and customized service offers
3. To rethink the role of each category of staff and develop collaborative care
4. To focus on the need of long term goals and innovation policy
5. To point out that investments on quality system is a source of direct and indirect income

D. Clinically relevant reporting in the era of precision medicine. (Hedvig Hricak; New York, NY/US)
1. To learn about key elements of reporting for precision medicine and understand the synergy between imaging reports and clinical management.
2. Appreciate how advances in oncology change the requirements for radiology reporting.
3. Become familiar with emerging trends in molecular imaging and theranostics that are impacting the demands on clinical radiology.


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