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Medsquare, a French company founded in 2006, facilitates the work of healthcare professionals by providing them with complete solutions for the analysis and sharing of medical imaging data. Peripheral DICOM solutions, known as Ultima's range of solutions (Archiving, Burning, Printing and Secure Image Sharing), and DACS solution with Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM), characterized as an automated, integrated and collaborative solution for collecting, monitoring and analyzing patient radiation doses (radiology and nuclear medicine). Medsquare's solutions are characterized by their unique ability to integrate with all of the systems and modalities already installed in the healthcare facility.


Inseparable from the technology, service (availability, customization, and flexibility) is part of Medsquare’s DNA, because it is an integral part of the history of the company and of each employee’s knowledge.


Medsquare is committed to leading medical device manufacturers to integrate software into their solutions and provide quality service. Through the Medsquare distribution network, hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world can benefit from the analysis and sharing of data in medical imaging.


RADIATION DOSE MONITOR (RDM): Increasing the serenity of healthcare professionals by ensuring the radiation protection of patients

Medsquare is a leading player in the DACS (Dose Archiving and Communication System) market with its Patient Dose Management solution Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM). RDM enables healthcare facilities and professionals to improve the quality of patient care, control the dose, receive timely alerts, easily analyze data, and confidently generate dose reports.

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Our partnerships with leading radiology manufacturers and digital solutions (OEM)

Medsquare provides packaged solutions to several imaging modality manufacturers and proactively supports their integration to ensure their smooth operation.Medsquare is committed to providing quality service and leading medical device manufacturers to integrate software into their solutions.

Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) @ CHU de Reims | Patient Dose Management Software

Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) @ CHU de Caen | Patient Dose Management Software

Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM) @ CGFL | Patient Dose Management Software

Medsquare and the directive 2013/59/Euratom

Medsquare at RSNA 2016

Medsquare - the DACS solution Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM)

Medsquare @ ECR 2016

Medsquare @ ECR 2015

Medsquare @ RSNA 2014

Medsquare - Interview Radiation Dose Monitor solution @ JFR 2014

Medsquare & Alara Expertise @JFR 2014 - Radiation Dose Monitor

Medsquare - Radiation Dose Monitor @JFR2014 - Arnaud Legland

Medsquare : Radiation Dose Monitor au Centre d'Imagerie Médicale d'Osny

Medsquare : Radiation Dose Monitor - Dr Treutenaere

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Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM)
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