Ultima B050

Ultima B050
More than a burning solution

Designed for single modality use, Ultima B050 is the ideal solution for producing up to 20 discs a day. Compact and very easy to operate, Ultima B050 is perfect for clinics & imaging centers with low disc production.


With its user-friendly and multifunctional web interface, this single recorder / inkjet printer solution (using the Bravo SE) Ultima B050 meets most of the needs of your DICOM Workflow in Medical Imaging: manual & automatic disc creation, virtual media through the cloud, unlimited user accounts for simultaneous web viewing, and automatic inclusion of the clinical report.





  • On-demand media creation for DICOM studies (Query/Retrieve)
  • Automatic disc creation, using powerful rules based on DICOM fields: modality, description, radiologist, AE title, etc.
  • Automatic disc creation scheduled by delay, fixed date & time or full media
  • Flexible & customizable disc labelling options (by patient, department, etc.)
  • Confidentiality & data protection (data anonymization & encryption)
  • Disc verification & validation



  • Auto-run of the DICOM disc on any PC (special viewer for MAC included)
  • Fast display of series and images before the download starts (viewer light)
  • Complete set of measurement & annotation / advanced comparative mode & MPR
  • Possibility to add additional viewers on customer’s request
  • Web viewer allows remote visualization of studies on several PCs simultaneously



Cloud sharing of DICOM studies in one click

  • Studies, DICOM viewer & clinical report are selected and automatically packaged
  • The package is encrypted, password protected, and sent to the Cloud in 1 click
  • An e-mail − including the link and the password − is automatically sent to one or several destination(s)
  • The e-mail template is completely customizable and includes instructions
  • The expiration date of the stored studies is configurable
  • Data are encrypted (AES 256) and totally secured (SSL protocol)
  • The storage space is certified SSAE16/SOC1, SOC2, ISAE 3402


  • Unlimited number of connections, multi-modality & multi-manufacturer
  • Interfaces seamlessly with HIS, RIS & PACS
  • Complete panel of communication methods: send, receive, retrieve, rout
  • Automatic routing of exams to multiple DICOM destinations, using rules based on DICOM fields
  • PRIMERA Bravo SE Disc Publisher : Publisher
  • ULTIMA DICOM SOFTWARE : Fully DICOM 3.0 Compliant & provides the following DICOM services: •Verify SCU/SCP •Store SCU/SCP •Query/Retrieve SCU/SCP (C-GET/C-MOVE/C-FIND) •Storage commitment SCP •IHE compliant
  • PC DELL OPTIPLEX 7010 DT : Optiplex
  • OPTIONS PET/CT VIEWER : Fusion PET & CT images
  • OPTION REPORT INTEGRATOR : Automatic inclusion of the clinical report from the RIS (HL7)
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