Esaote is one of the world’s leading producers of medical diagnostic systems. It is well established as a Europe-based leading ultrasound manufacturer, and internationally acknowledged to be the world leader in dedicated MRI.

The Esaote Group is also one of the main players in the sector of Information Technology for healthcare. In January 2006 a new Company - called Imaging S.p.A. - was created in order to purhcase 100% of Esaote S.p.A. and its subsidiaries. Imaging was created by financial investors (IMI Investimenti S.p.A, Tower 7 S.a.r.l., Mps Venture SGR S.p.A, Banca Carige S.p.A) and by the managers of the Esaote Group.

During 2006 and 2007 Imaging S.p.A. was a shareholder of Esaote and had no operative functions. In November 2009 Esaote is acquired by Tutti S.p.A., a consortium of investors led by Ares Life Sciences holding 40% of the share capital, and including IMI Investimenti S.p.A, Tower 7 S.a.r.l, MPS Venture SGR S.p.A, Banca Carige S.p.A and a group of Esaote management, holding a combined 60% stake.

During its life Esaote has undergone a steady growth, achieving net sales of about 325,3 million euro in 2012 with a strong contribution of international sales equal to about 60%. Almost 85% of Esaote’s consolidated sales are derived from highly competitive markets such as European countries, USA and China.

Today the Esaote Group has about 1360 employees, 50% of which work abroad. The R&D structures employ about 270 qualified technicians (equal to 20% of total staff) and enjoy the co-operation of international research centres and universities.