Veterinary ultrasound system / on platform MyLab™30 VET GOLD ESAOTE

Veterinary ultrasound system / on platform MyLab™30 VET GOLD ESAOTE

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Premium performance with portability is today a reality with the MyLab™30VETGold. It represents the state of the art in terms of technologies and diagnostic capabilities. This high-end system has full veterinary features, while the extending technologies and solutions of the MyLabGold platform brought the image quality to the highest level. Some of the features found on MyLab™30VETGold include: 15" high-resolution TFT LCD double simultaneous probe connection veterinary-dedicated transducers extended bandwidth probes & new innovative ergonomic shape (Appleprobes) ergonomic keyboard with extended control panel dedicated veterinary interface with direct access to main functions by keys portable, multi-site & chart-based configurations VET ID screen, including veterinary DICOM fields Dedicated VET body marks VET advanced & complete abdominal, cardiac, reproductive and equine tendon measurements, calculations and report packages TEI™ - Tissue Enhancement Imaging XView - eXtreme View with real-time adaptive algorithm MView - combined standard and steered ultrasound imaging Tp-View for enlarged field of view, specially in feline abdominal, equine musculoskeletal VPan - eXtended field of view CMM - Compass M-Mode TVM - Tissue Velocity Mapping for LV motion analysis integrated stress echo CnTI™ - Contrast Tuned Imaging for contrast media procedures XStrain™ - Strain-Strain Rate top analysis technique for myocardial function evaluation
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