Portable ultrasound system / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging MyLab™Gamma ESAOTE

Portable ultrasound system / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging MyLab™Gamma ESAOTE

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Multipurpose ultrasound imaging smart portable ultrasound system MyLab™Gamma MyLab™Gamma: a World without Boundaries with Smart Portable Ultrasound, Delivering Affordable Productivity, Efficiency, Value. MyLab™Gamma sets ultrasound free bringing superb quality imaging and fast, accurate diagnosis to the Point-of-Care in any situation – wherever and whenever. MyLab™Gamma is a best in class, highly-portable, ‘green’ ultrasound system. Based on Esaote’s productivity-oriented operating platform, the super-light, feature packed portable system sets ultrasound free to be used in any environment at a moment’s notice, from Point-of-Care to Shared Service solutions. As a recognised leader in ergonomics and design lead simplicity, Esaote has engineered the MyLab™Gamma to meet the rigorous demands of the sonographer’s working environment, particularly those using ultrasound systems for many hours a day, without compromising diagnostic confidence. The new portable ultrasound MyLab™Gamma is an extremely mobile system that can be easily shared between different departments within a clinic or hospital and can also be brought on-site without any problem: • Anaesthesia • Emergency & Critical Care • Cardiology • Vascular • Radiology • Musculoskeletal • Rheumatology • Women’s Healthcare • Neurology
  • Ergonomics:portable
  • Type of imagery:for multipurpose ultrasound imaging
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