The Art of Diagnostics
SCHILLER is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of electrocardiographs, long-term ECG and blood pressure recorders, spirometers, medical IT solutions, patient monitors and external defibrillators.

The financially independent company was founded in 1974, offering continuous innovations as well as unique service and support by more than 1000 employees and an extensive distributional network worldwide. SCHILLER became famous for its pocket-sized ECG devices and defibrillators, used as life-savers all over the world and even in space (ISS). Our product range is mainly developed and manufactured at the headquarters facilities in Baar (Switzerland) and in Wissembourg (SCHILLER Médical S.A.S., France), ensuring outstanding quality as an ISO certified medical company. In spite of the company's continuous growth, size is not as important to SCHILLER as is strength. We depend on a team of motivated employees, on our creativity, on being open to new ideas, and having the courage to be pioneers.

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