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Fujifilm Launches a Portfolio For Europe's Healthcare Community Following The Integration of Hitachi

2021 01 Jul

Fujifilm launches a more comprehensive portfolio for Europe's healthcare community following the integration of Hitachi Diagnostic Imaging Today at a virtual European event, the newly named FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe and FUJIFILM Europe’s existing European medical business (hereinafter referred to as “Fujifilm”) presented a complete and... Read more

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CT and MRI in the diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

2021 25 Mar

Speakers Prof. Andrea Laghi Prof. András Palkó Find Affidea On Social Media Read more

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ICNC-CT 2021 Virtual

2021 09 May

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#RSNA20: Cooking With Wood Causes Lung Damage

2020 30 Nov

Advanced imaging with CT shows that people who cook with biomass fuels like wood are at risk of suffering considerable damage to their lungs from breathing in dangerous concentrations of pollutants and bacterial toxins, according to a study being presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Approximately... Read more

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Moscow Radiology: COVID-19 Preparedness and Action

2020 22 Oct

Contributing Authors:  Anna Andreychenko, Victor Gombolevskiy, Ekaterina Kuz’mina, Nataliya Ledikhova, Mihail Lobanov, Olesya Mokienko, Elena Panina, Nikita Polyshuk, Evgeniy Popov, Serey Ryzhov, Christina Sergunova, Igor’ Shul’kin, Irina Sokolina, Ilya Soldatov, Irina Trofimenko, Anton Vladzymyrskyy A systematic approach (CT as modality of... Read more

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Diagnostic Test Accuracy of CXR, CT, Ultrasound in COVID-19 Patients

2020 12 Oct

Rapid diagnosis is critical for the efficient management of COVID-19 patients. This disease is new, theoretical knowledge is limited, as is clinical experience, and there is a shortage of evidence-based guidelines. All this has resulted in multiple opinions and recommendations for COVID-19 diagnosis. Many of these recommendations are based on early... Read more

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Enhancing Diagnostic Efficiency of COVID-19

2020 30 Jul

Coronavirus disease has spread throughout the world, and the need for rapid diagnosis of infected patients has become extremely important. Common clinical symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, headache or fatigue. Comorbidities include respiratory failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), acute renal injury and acute cardiac injury.... Read more

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Grading COVID-19 Severity with CT: CAD and AI

2020 11 May

Summary: A radiologist working with COVID-19 patients in Russia looks at how technology has aided imaging-based diagnosis and what this could mean for future practice in grading disease severity. The pandemic of COVID-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge to modern global healthcare. Today everybody understands that diagnostic imaging... Read more

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Conducting Research in the COVID-19 Era

2020 11 May

Summary: Under pressure in the age of COVID-19, David Koff stresses that researchers need to maintain high standards for their offerings to have value to the medical world. COVID-19 is the worst pandemic the world has been going through since the Spanish Influenza of 1918, which claimed the lives of millions of people. As we watch the death... Read more