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ECR 2018: CT patient information videos save time, increase satisfaction

2018 10 Mar

Did you know that the first airline safety video was produced by Virgin America in 2007? Now these videos are widely accepted, and in time patient information videos may be just as routine, according to Meinrad Beer of the University Hospital Ulm, who presented a study about patient information on CT at the recent European Congress of Radiology in Vienna,... Read more

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ECR 2018: CT dose lowered significantly with multicomponent intervention

2018 02 Mar

While computed tomography (CT) scans account for only around 10% of imaging exams, they account for 60% of radiation dosage. And when radiologists are seeking to lower radiation dose, CT is a modality that would seem ripe for interventions to reduce variability that is seen across patients, institutions and countries, as evidence suggest that CT doses... Read more

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Inappropriate CT and MRI use in hospitalised patients

2018 22 Feb

The use of diagnostic imaging has increased significantly over the past decade, and expensive technologies such as CT and MRI have been extensively introduced into several diagnostic procedures. While the clinical information acquired from their use may be beneficial to patients, these diagnostic tests also lead to increased healthcare costs. New research... Read more

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Typical features of primary ciliary dyskinesia on CT

2018 14 Feb

Among patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis, 1–18% have an underlying diagnosis of primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) and it is suspected that there is underrecognition of this disease. Researchers evaluating the specific features of PCD seen on computed tomography (CT) in the cohort of bronchiectasis found a predominance of bronchiectasis... Read more

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Right colonic diverticulitis: CT predictors of poor outcomes

2017 17 Oct

According to researchers in South Korea, some specific CT findings can be useful predictors of unfavourable clinical outcomes of right colonic diverticulitis (RCD). Their study shows that the spilled faeces sign on CT images was a significant predictor of the need for surgery after failed medical treatment. In addition, the CT finding of more than five... Read more

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CT Lung Cancer Screening: Impact on Smoking Cessation

2017 01 Aug

A new study published in the journal Thorax adds to evidence suggesting that integrating CT lung cancer screening with evidence-based smoking cessation interventions could prompt quitting in motivated high-risk smokers. Smoking cessation was examined among a subset of current smokers who were high-risk participants in the UK Lung Cancer Screening (UKLS)... Read more

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Radioprotection in Chest CT: An Approach with Bismuth Breast Shield

2017 07 May

The main goal of this study was to assess the viability of the bismuth breast shield in chest computed tomography (CT ) examinations. Dose measurements on a phantom (Cardinal Health 76 415) with an ionisation chamber were performed with and without bismuth breast protection in different configurations using the routine chest CT protocol. Image quality... Read more

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PET/CT for the General Radiologist Organised by the BIR Scottish Branch

2017 14 Apr

Find British Institute of Radiology (BIR) on Social Media    Read more

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Toshiba Medical Celebrates 10 Years of Area Detector CT

2017 16 Feb

Described as ‘a breakthrough CT system’ back in 2007, Toshiba Medical introduced the world’s very first dynamic volume CT scanner, the Aquilion ONE™. Driven by the clinical need for a volume scanner, the Aquilion ONE’s unique Area Detector opened doors to new ways of medical imaging. Ten years later, Toshiba Medical is celebrating this memorable introduction.  The... Read more