ESOR Foundation Courses 2023 - Chest Imaging

ESOR Foundation Courses 2023 - Chest Imaging

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This course is aimed at residents in their 4th and 5th year of training in radiology and recently board-certified radiologists interested in Chest Imaging. It is strictly adhered to Level II of the European Training Curriculum and is designed to provide the essentials of current state-of the-art imaging, diagnostic algorithms and their appropriateness, in the initial staging of lung cancer and follow-up of systemic therapies. It is also important to become familiar with atypical presentations of lung cancer and the management of incidental findings in thoracic oncology. CT has a major role in patients with severe haemoptysis, a potentially life-threatening condition. Finally, CT can approach the accurate diagnosis of diffuse cystic disease of the lung.


  • To learn about initial CT staging, management of incidental findings and assessment of response to treatment on CT in lung cancer patients
  • To learn how CT helps reduce differential diagnoses in cystic lung disease.
  • To learn about the role of CT in patients with severe haemoptysis

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