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Hologic Innovation Workshop: Advanced Densitometry

2016 15 Feb

Hologic is offering a series of 45-minutes educational sessions for radiologists. A brief lecture will provide an overview of the clinical experiences of imaging and new quantification applications of DXA. This program is intended for radiologists interested in learning more about new application based on the Hologic DXA technology. Date WS n° Time 04/03/2016 HOL... Read more

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Patient-Centred Imaging

2016 06 Sep

Radiology has always been a field that is focused on imaging and equipment and the specific output of these tools. However, at the very heart of this specialty is the satisfaction of the patient in terms of the right test, shorter exam times, better diagnostic, reduced exposure to radiation and so on. There is no doubt that the science of imaging has... Read more

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Radiologists Can Detect Breast Cancer in 'Blink of an Eye'

2016 30 Aug

A study conducted by investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital, the University of York in the UK and MD Andersen Cancer Center in Texas tests the ability of experienced radiologists' to sense when a mammogram is abnormal. The paper is published in  the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.For the purpose of the investigation, visual attention... Read more

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Radiologists Need to Embrace the Unknown

2016 10 Aug

According to a recent editorial published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, radiology educators need to stop being too reliant on the known and should consider embracing the unknown. The article, co-authored by Christian W. Cox, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD, of Indiana University in... Read more

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Need for Radiologists to Solidify Position in Cancer Teams

2016 01 Aug

A new article titled "A New Look at Toxicity in the Era of Precision Oncology: Imaging Findings, Their Relationship With Tumor Response, and Effect on Metastasectomy" states that the increasing use of cancer imaging will require radiologists to solidify their position as central members of the cancer team. The article is published in the American Journal... Read more

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Dose Management: Radiologists Don’t Face Cancer Risk

2016 26 Jul

Thanks to improved dose management protocols, present-day radiologists who graduated from medical school after 1940 do not face an increased risk of dying from radiation-related causes like cancer, according to a new study appearing online in the Radiological Society of North America journal Radiology.   The study compared cancer incidence and mortality... Read more

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Hologic 3D Mammography Workshop: Advanced Case Review

2016 15 Feb

Hologic is offering a series of 90-minute educational sessions for radiologists throughout the ECR Congress. Prior to the hands-on, a brief lecture will be provided by a radiologist pioneer in the clinical use of 3D Mammography™, who will present an overview of the technology and reading principles of tomosynthesis. This program is intended for radiologists... Read more

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Are You Still Sitting Down?

2016 06 Jan

Sedentary occupations have received increasing attention recently, with some countries even starting campaigns to encourage fitter workplaces, as evidence increases about the health risks. Should radiologists be concerned, as many by necessity spend hours sitting at desk-bound workstations and in reading rooms?  David L. Lamar, MD, and colleagues studied... Read more

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4 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Radiology Service

2015 14 Dec

With the trend towards value-based reimbursement, providers are exerting more effort to improve quality of healthcare services. It's important to note that quality service delivery is determined on an individual basis, through patient-as-customer perceived satisfaction, which may be very different from essential clinical outcomes, according to an article... Read more

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