ECR 2022: European Congress of Radiology

ECR 2022: European Congress of Radiology

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BOOTH # 211 – EXPO X2

Booth ACV, Hall and Foyer D


July 13 - July 17, 2022

Austria Center Vienna


08:00 - 09:00 Refresher Courses:
Contrast Enhanced Mammography CEM

Gordana Ivanac; Zagreb / Croatia
Jose Carlos Antela López; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria / Spain
Jacopo Nori; Florence / Italy


09:30 - 11:00 3 years to go:
Breast imaging in 2025

Hilde Bosmanns; Leuven / Belgium 

Maryellen L. Giger; Chicago, IL / United States 
Pascal A.T. Baltzer; Vienna / Austria 
Chris De Korte; Nijmegen / Netherlands 
Eva M. Fallenberg; Munich / Germany



11:15 – 11:45  Welcome and Keynote Talk:
How did the pandemic harm breast screening programs and how should a return strategy look like?

Aline Hambüchen; Forchheim / Germany

Federica Pediconi; Rome / Italy



12:00 – 13:45 Twin Talks:
The biggest questions in breast screening 

Aline Hambüchen; Forchheim / Germany

12:00 – 12:30 1st Twin Talk: The patient in the center: The way forward for women with dense breasts 
Panagiotis Kapetas; Vienna / Austria – FFDM & Ultrasound
Pascal Baltzer; Vienna / Austria – Abbreviated MRI protocols

10 min = Buffer & short Break

12:40 – 13:10 2nd Twin Talk: Defining the future role of MRI and CEM in breast radiology 
Paola Clauser; Vienna / Austria – CEM perspective
Pietro Panizza; Milan / Italy – MR perspective

10 min = Buffer & short Break

13:20 – 13:45 3rd Twin Talk: How is image interpretation behavior changing with 3D and AI 
Ritse Mann; Nijmegen / Netherlands – Radiologist’s perspective
Nico Karssemeijer; Nijmegen / Netherlands – Physicist’s perspective



14:00 - 14:45 Panel Discussion:
Which breast imaging technologies challenge digital mammography in breast screening?  

Aline Hambüchen; Forchheim / Germany

Sophia Zackrisson; Malmö / Sweden
Sylvia Heywang-Köbrunner; Munich / Germany
Mireille Broeders; Nijmegen / The Netherlands



15:00 - 16:00 Panel Discussion:
Pros and Cons: Intermediate risk screening should be done with breast MRI and not with contrast-enhanced mammography

Thomas Helbich; Vienna / Austria

Ritse Mann; Nijmegen / Netherlands - Pro
Marc Lobbes; Maastricht / Netherlands - Contra



16:15 – 16:30 Science slam:
AI in breast care – hype or hope? 

Aline Hambüchen; Forchheim / Germany 

Marco Caballo, PhD, Nijmegen, The Netherlands: 
Radiomics for automated cancer diagnosis: The truce between machine learning and deep learning



16:30 – 17:30 Transatlantic Course of ESR and RSNA
Screening/early detection/organisational issues and differences between countries


Ruud M Pijnappel; Utrecht / Netherlands
Elizabeth Morris; Davis / United States

Fiona J. Gilbert; Cambridge / United Kingdom
Debra Monticciolo; Dallas / United States
Emily F. Conant; Philadelphia / United States



Thursday, July 14
Lung cancer screening and its role in radiology practice

12:30 - 13:30 
Level -2, Area D – Lecture Hall  

Friday, July 15
The impact of photon-counting CT

12:30 - 13:30 
Level -2, Area D – Lecture Hall  

Friday, July 15
Joint Symposium SHS Ultrasound and Bracco

12:30 - 13:30 
Level 0, Area E – Bracco Area 

Saturday, July 16
MR Symposium

12:30 - 13:30 
Level -2, Area D – Lecture Hall  




ECR 2022 – Two events in 2022

Due to the developing epidemiological situation in Austria, Europe and the rest of the world at this time, the ESR has made the decision to organise the ECR on March 2-6 as an online-only event and to hold a full onsite ECR in July in Vienna. The onsite congress will now take place on July 13-17, enabling us to hold the event under the most favourable conditions to ensure a safe and secure meeting for all participants. 

ECR 2022 on July 13-17, 2022

This will mark the proper return to a congress in Vienna that so many have been anticipating. This event will be fully onsite, streamed online and offer CME credits. Our SMART congress will deliver an ECR experience like no other, with a highly multidisciplinary programme, exciting summer social events, and a buzzing industry exhibition that will absolutely be worth the wait.

Artificial Intelligence @ ECR 2022

Artificial intelligence, currently one of the hottest topics in radiology and on everyone's lips, will be one of the highlights of the ECR again this year!

A plethora of scientific sessions on AI, ranging from machine learning, deep learning and big data, among others, is already waiting for you. Learn more about the AI activities at ECR 2022 below.

The Artificial Intelligence Theatre

After its hugely successful debut in 2019 and highly anticipated appearance in 2020, the AI Theatre will finally open its stage again at ECR 2022.

The AIX is the best place to explore how machine learning, deep learning and big data are reshaping medical imaging and to find out what the future of radiology holds. Come and meet the ever-growing number of companies and innovators at the forefront of the field and take in industry pitches, keynotes and panel discussions at the AI Theatre.

For everyone interested in radiological AI – the AIX is a must visit during the ECR 2022!

The AI Theatre Programme is organised by the ESR’s Imaging Informatics Subcommittee chaired by Dr. Nadya Pyatigorskaya. More details on the AI Theatre programme and the AI exhibitors will be published soon.

Building bridges – have a look at the ECR 2022 programme!

ECR 2022 is focused on multidisciplinarity and building bridges between radiologists and clinicians. The value of imaging and image interpretation lies beyond diagnostics. It impacts treatment decisions and outcomes and plays a vital role in the healthcare continuum. The ECR 2022 programme aims to reflect multidisciplinarity by introducing shorter lectures and longer case-based discussions, and through welcoming a wider variety of clinicians to share their insights.

European Congress of Radiology
ECR 2022
July 13-17, 2022

ECR 2022

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