Thales creates X-ray images that help radiologists make the best decisions at the right time


Engaged in facing the main challenges in radiology today, Thales is continuously providing excellence in 2D/3D clinical x-ray images in partnership with Trixell.

At the occasion of ECR 2022, we are proud to launch an ultra-low noise solution for an enhanced image quality and easy integration.Thales’s Pixium® 2121 Efficiency II is a dynamic flat panel detector designed to ease the shift from image intensifier to flat panel detector in surgical mobile C-arm systems.

Thanks to our expertise, we provide radiologists with the best in class x-ray imaging with the lowest radiation exposure. 

Thales has more than 20 years’ experience in fixed and portable detectors for radiography, as well as dynamic detectors for fluoroscopy, C-Arm, interventional radiology and dental CBCT systems.Thales is also specialized in image processing software solutions, which delivers unique image quality for healthcare professionals.

Our aim is to support the x-ray systems manufacturers, all along the lifecycle of our flat panel detectors as well as our software solutions. We even go further by offering innovative digital solutions to help them developing additional services for their fleet of equipment.

Thanks to Thales in-house mastering of key technologies in medical imaging and its long-standing production capacity (in partnership with Trixell), radiologists benefit from a large range of solutions to help them take the best decisions at the right time.

Visit our website to see our complete portfolio of solutions for radiology.


ECR 2022: European Congress of Radiology

Wed, 13 Jul 2022 - Sun, 17 Jul 2022

Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, Vienna 1220


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2, rue Marcel Dassault
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