Our purpose

We drive innovation to help humans live healthier and longer
When our health is at risk, we rely on physicians to make the best possible decisions – from quick, early diagnoses to the most effective treatments and follow-ups.

help physicians, medical staff, and healthcare providers prevent illnesses from occurring and correctly diagnose and determine the right treatments for people who do become ill, helping them to recover faster.

Our mission

The future of healthcare will bring far-reaching changes, but what will it look like? We believe that medicine will become more precise, value will shape care delivery, patients will become empowered consumers, and digitalization will transform every facet of healthcare.

We enable healthcare providers to increase value by

Expanding precision medicine
We expand precision medicine through solutions that make diagnosis quicker and more accurate, reduce unwarranted variations, and enable personalized therapies, so that high-value care is provided for every patient at the right time.

With our strong medical technology portfolio, including our digital platforms and solutions, we are uniquely placed in the in-vivo and in-vitro markets to combine and analyze pertinent data and knowledge and to turn it into usable, actionable information for clinical decision making.

Transforming care delivery
By transforming care delivery, we help break down department silos and make clinical operations more efficient, making treatments more accessible, and cost efficient.

Our solutions help manage population health and increase workforce productivity. For example, by automating repetitive tasks and procedures, we free experts from routine work, letting them focus on the accurate diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

Improving Patient Experience
Patients are at the heart of every healthcare system. Our patient-centric products help improve the patient experience, and our digital health solutions engage patients in managing their own health, so that the care provided is addressing individual needs.

Digitalizing Healthcare
Through digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI), medicine has reached a turning point. The digital revolution in healthcare gives us a wealth of opportunities that we need to capitalize on.

Big data and AI will transform the way we understand and treat disease, as complex data is translated into actionable insights. The patient experience will no longer be episodic, but rather one seamless journey with benefits along the entire care continuum.

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The healthcare industry is continuously evolving. That’s why care providers have to regularly keep up with new techniques and technologies and expand their knowledge and skills. Thanks to recent technological advances, e-learning has proven to be a powerful tool – allowing caregivers to train more efficiently at their convenience and right at their workplace.

Did you know that e-learning …

… takes up 40–60% less employee time than a classroom setting? (Brandon-Hall Study¹)

… can increase retention rate by up to 25–60%? (The Research Institute of America¹)

… is rated as important or very important by >84% of Senior Executives? (Deloitte²)


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