Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions.

Firmly committed to our mission of “sharing medical technologies with the world”, we are dedicated to innovation in the fields of Patient Monitoring & Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Medical Imaging. Mindray possesses a sound distribution and service network with subsidiaries in 31 countries in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. While improving the quality of care, we help reducing its cost, making it more accessible to a larger part of humanity. Today, Mindray’s products and services can be found in healthcare facilities in over 190 countries and regions.

Inspired by the needs of our customers, we adopt advanced technologies and transform them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach.


29th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Sat, 12 Oct 2019 - Wed, 16 Oct 2019

Sonnenallee 225
Berlin, 12057
Ultraschall 2019 - 43rd Dreiländertreffen

Wed, 16 Oct 2019 - Sat, 19 Oct 2019

Rheinstraße 66
Mainz, 55116

Mon, 18 Nov 2019 - Thu, 21 Nov 2019

Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61
Messplatz, 40474
RSNA 2019 - Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting

Sun, 1 Dec 2019 - Fri, 6 Dec 2019

South Lake Shore Drive 2301
Chicago, Illinois 60616
United States
ECR 2020 - European Congress of Radiology

Wed, 11 Mar 2020 - Sun, 15 Mar 2020

Bruno Kreisky Platz 1
Vienna, 1210


Executive Health Management

Mindray signs PSM’s Open Data Pledge & becomes 90th company to join to improve patient safety

2019 07 Jun

The Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) announced today that the global medical device developer and manufacturer Mindray has become the 90th company to sign the PSMF’s Open Data Pledge, demonstrating its commitment to improving patient safety through data sharing. “We are excited to have Mindray join the Patient Safety Movement,” said... Read more

IMAGING Management

Vienna in March, Riding the Waves in the Bigger Picture

2019 11 Mar

"The 25th ECR in Vienna can be considered as a chance to reflect on the journey of European radiology through the past years and as a starting point for the future. This is why it has been called ‘the bigger picture'," indicated the ESR President Prof. Lorenzo E. Derchi, Head of the Department of Radiology at the University of Genoa, Italy.  ... Read more

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Episode III: Excellence through eXceptional Intelligence

2018 18 Jul

Some say that you can't have it both ways. When it comes to an ultrasound system, one has to choose between superior speed and optimal images. Yet Mindray begs to differ. Committed to advancing healthcare technologies, the innovator has been striving to deliver both efficiency and confidence in clinical diagnosis, in an exceptionally user-friendly... Read more

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Episode II: eXpress Clarity for effortless efficiency

2018 29 May

In daily practice, clinical experts are often tasked with an overwhelming workload of routine ultrasonic exams, which requires them to minimize the time spent on each test but still get confidence-maximizing images. For them, nothing can be more helpful than the ability to get quality images within minutes. Inspired by insights into clinical... Read more

IMAGING Management

Episode I : A story origins from Insight

2018 22 May

Inspired by the needs of clinical experts, Mindray always adopts advanced technologies and transforms them into accessible innovation, bringing healthcare within reach. “The technology story behind X-Insight is Mindray’s deep insight into clinical needs,” said He Xujin, General Manager of Mindray Imaging System Division. By transforming the insight... Read more

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ECR2016: High-Def Imaging and Colour Boost Diagnostics

2016 02 Mar

High definition imaging, particularly for abdominal imaging, is vital for diagnostics and vastly improves the workflow, allowing doctors to focus more on the patient and not just the mechanical flow, leading radiologists said at the annual European Congress of Radiology (ECR2016) in Vienna on Wednesday. Speaking at a satellite symposium hosted... Read more

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White Papers - Case Studies

IMAGING Management

Moving From 2D to 3D Ultrasound : The Ease of the Transition is in the User Interface

2016 25 Jan

3D ultrasound imaging has been used for several years especially in high-risk Obstetrics. Perinatologists and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists were among the first to transition to 3D ultrasound and make it a part of their routine exams.  However, the use of 3D ultrasound in the Obstetric office environment has been slower to gain acceptance. The... Read more

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Vision Clear with Mindray's iClear™Technology

2016 21 Jan

Thanks to its continuing effort in innovations, Mindray is proud to introduce a new breakthrough in speckle reduction called iClear TM adaptive image processing. Speckle, an inherent imaging artifact, has been a major obstacle to further differentiate desired anatomy with ultrasound systems. The implementation of iClear TM realizes aggressive... Read more

IMAGING Management

V Flow : A Novel Visualization of Blood Flow

2016 21 Jan

Introduction Ultrasound color flow mapping (CFM) has been extensively used in clinical diagnosis. Velocity of blood flow is calculated through a leg-one auto-correlation [1] method using the beamformed and filtered receiving signals. The magnitude of velocity relative to the direction of ultrasound beam propagation can be obtained and thus is... Read more

IMAGING Management

Automatic Detect Fetal Median Sagittal Plane Using Smart MSP

2016 20 Jan

1.1 Background Ultrasound is a standard way to evaluate fetal anatomies. For the examination of fetal brain, one of the most important anatomical views is median sagittal plane (MSP).This plane can provide unique information of intracranial structures such as corpus callosum (CC) and cerebellar vermis (CV). Several studies [1~6] have proved that... Read more

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The Role of a Protocol Management Feature in Improving Ultrasound Lab Efficiency

2016 20 Jan

Objectives: To demonstrate a reduction in keystrokes and ultrasound exam time by utilizing the Mindray DC-8 iWorks TM and iWorksOB TM  protocol manager with the iNSert TM feature for documenting  pathology. Methods:   Three sonographers performed carotid exams, abdominal exams and thyroid exams using manual annotations and measurements... Read more

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Smart Planes : Computer-Aided Solution for Examination of Fetal Brain

2016 20 Jan

1. Background  Central nervous system (CNS) malformations are one of the most common congenital abnormalities. Ultrasound has been used for nearly 30 years as the major imaging modality to help diagnose fetal CNS anomalies [1] . Currently, the standard 2D planes used for ultrasound assessment of the central nervous system in fetuses include the... Read more

IMAGING Management

Mindray Ultra-Wideband Nonlinear (UWN) Contrast Imaging Feature and Its Clinical Result

2016 20 Jan

Introduction   Ultrasound contrast imaging is becoming increasingly important in clinical applications and in researches. Traditional contrast agent ultrasound imaging technologies, such as pulse inversion/phase inversion imaging and coded contrast imaging, have focused on the second harmonic properties of the contrast agents and tiss Read more

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Elastography : Strain Image in DC-8 Diagnostic Ultrasound System

2016 19 Jan

Relationship between the stiffness of tumor and it’s malignance has far been known since the ancient Greek [1] . It’s until recent years that people began to measure the stiffness of the tissue in vivo in cancer diagnosis [2,3,4] .  Ultrasound strain image is one of the novel approaches to measure the stiffness of tissue from outside the human body.... Read more

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How ‘Echo Boost’ Can Help Optimize Echo Examinations

2016 19 Jan

1. Background:  Extensive clinical diagnosis experience has been obtained within the field of myocardium disease, coronary disease, valve disease, cardiac tumor and congenital disease by echo practitioners, making echocardiography to emerge as a rather common practice within the last couple of decades. Technologies such as B-mode, Mmode, Color Doppler... Read more

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Sound Touch Elastography : A New Solution for Ultrasound Elastography

2016 19 Jan

Introduction  In recent years there has been great interest in measuring the stiffness of tissue in vivo. Indeed, over the past 20 years, different elasticity imaging approaches have been developed around the world [1-4] . Ultrasound elasticity imaging adds mechanical information to conventional diagnostic ultrasound and extends patient diagnostic... Read more

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2D Echo Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis

2016 19 Jan

1. Background   Since the invention of echocardiography in 1950, echo practitioners are consistently contributing to this non-invasive, easy and commonly used technology, for cardiac anatomy visualization and physical activity observation. Due to valuable clinical benefits, echocardiography is highly used and recommended by echocardiologists. From... Read more



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M9: M-Mode Scanning on Mindray M9 Hand-carried Ultrasound System

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