TEX20 Series

TEX20 Series
Point of Care, Reimagined

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Point of Care, Reimagined

The TEX20 Series point of care ultrasound helps clinicians reimagine their clinical practice in the demanding environments like critical care and emergency medicine.


X-Link: Information integration for improved decision-making
Types of bedside equipment provide various physiological information, including ultrasound imaging, ECG signals, and respiratory signals etc. The X-Link integrates these data and offers a brand new view on patient’s course of disease. It not only brings high-quality clinical value and accurate diagnosis to your daily practice, but also facilitates Multi-Disciplinary Treatment (MDT) and more advanced multi-modal clinical research. 

With the Physio-View on X-Link, ECG and other physiological waves can be viewed overlaying on the ultrasound image for immediate decision making.  While with U-View on X-Link, the ultrasound image and other physiological information can be integrated to Central Station for a general review. This solution brings you the unprecedented tool to achieve a higher level of diagnostic bedside care and scientific research.

X-Pilot: Clinical application-oriented workflow

Based on the professional society guidelines for point of care ultrasound, the X-Pilot suite integrates historical diagnostic images and multi-organ data and summarizes the information into a concise and precise view of the patient status to support rapid clinical decisions at the bedside.

Application - Shock
Assists identifying shock type, in accordance with RUSH, FALLS and GDE protocols.


Application - Respiration

Helps in the evaluation of acute respiratory distress, in accordance with BLUE protocol.

Application - Trauma

Assists in finding free fluid in the thorax, pericardium, abdomen and pelvic cavity, to help expedite FAST and eFAST exams.



· Outstanding image quality and advanced analysis tools
· Light weight and easy to carry
· Connect with TEX20 Series and mobile devices
· IP68 waterproof rating for fully immersed disinfection
· Fast charging

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