Hitachi Healthcare recently unveiled top of the line new additions to their growing imaging diagnostics family. Hitachi, a dominant force in the field for over 6 decades continues to lead the charge in medical imaging innovation through designing equipment that maximize benefit and comfort for both healthcare professionals and patients.


Cutting through the smoke and mirrors of the AI conversation dominating every aspect of radiology, Hitachi continues to focus on reinventing and perfecting real solutions to help radiologists review and report on diagnostic exams, help enhance workflow and productivity, and provide solutions to ultimately improve communication and clinical decision making. The company believes that optimizing productivity will lead to improved outcomes, and that reproducible and precise imaging using a versatile system can make diagnostic imaging more productive.  


Hitachi has been deeply invested in developing IT technologies, artificial intelligence powered solutions, operational technologies, and big data analytics integrating the various technologies in human centered design solutions.

If you were at the recent European Congress of Radiology, you were most likely standing with everyone else in front of the large barrel of sake waiting for the unveiling of Hitachi Healthcare’s next levels of diagnostic imaging solutions. The Hitachi team took its sweet time, building anticipation and as each machine emerged the excitement was palpable and you could see a gleam in radiologists eyes at the sight of these shiny new tools. 


The Hitachi Healthcare team pulled off a magnificent and very festive spectacle, breaking a barrel of sake to ring in good luck to inaugurate the maiden voyage of their new machines.  It was definitely not the sake, however, that attracted attendees. At once, people lined up in front of every piece of equipment itching to take it for a spin.   


Many of the delegates waiting in line to test the new solutions were commenting on their loyalty to Hitachi and their experience using the company’s products, how well the systems performed, and how reliable they are. Radiologists were exchanging opinions on how Hitachi MRI & CT systems have workflow features that help them decrease scan times and provide their patients with a very comfortable experience.


Jean-Luc Budillon, President and COO of Hitachi Medical Systems Europe, addressing the massive crowd around the unveiling said “SCENARIA View changes the view of CT examinations. It combines all of Hitachi’s experience and expertise in a remarkable new product providing an unmatched combination of speed, comfort and quality. The ECHELON Smart Plus 1.5T MRI system consistently falls in Hitachi social innovation with its new workflow concepts designed for efficient and simple operations of coil setting, patient positioning and high speed, high clinical value imaging. I invite you all to step up and admire the new human centered design in CT and MRI.”


Furthermore, Hitachi presented SynergyDrive, a comprehensive technology solution designed to streamline operations for MRI and CT exams. It comprehensively addresses the bottlenecks in the MRI and CT scanning process from start to finish – and from patient registration to patient discharge. It gives value to radiologists, technologists, department administrators and most of all to patients.


6 new ultrasound systems 


The ARIETTA 65, ARIETTA 50ARIETTA 50LE as well as ARIETTA 850SE, and in the women healthcare space two new models.


The entry models are the ARIETTA 50 series, which invites easy operation whether you are a beginner or expert. Its outstandingly easy-to-view 21.5-inch monitor and intuitive, user-friendly operability will bring users to the “Next Level”. The ARIETTA 50LE has additional advantages like a flexible arm monitor and a four-transducer connection.


In April 2017, Hitachi released “ARIETTA 850” – their high-end flagship model of the ARIETTA series, featuring an ergonomic design and enhanced probes capable of focusing regardless of the depth of penetration - designed to enhance workflow and productivity. This year, the company introduced the SE (Superb Edition) version with a larger monitor and a new, outstanding image quality software to enhance the diagnosis.


Building on their knowhow, Hitachi developed the ARIETTA 65, making workflow-enhancing technologies available on a wider audience. Conceived to optimize exam productivity, ARIETTA 65 combines select imaging technologies, automation tools, and ergonomic design elements, inherited from the Premium system.


Jean-Luc Budillon said during his presentation, ”Our new ARIETTA family members complete our ultrasound range, systems that impress by its user-friendly operation, great image quality and easy to use applications – providing a diagnostic ultrasound solution for almost any need and size of budget. And there is more. We are also extending our offering with introducing two new smart compact models in the women’s healthcare space,” and concluded, “dare to experience the next levels in diagnostic ultrasound and talk with us about all the new human-centered designs. Our next levels could be yours.”

Missed the unveiling at ECR 2019?


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