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The Cost of Keeping the Imaging Status Quo

2021 12 Jul

As demand for diagnostic imaging continues to increase, it is important for hospitals and radiology departments to trade in the imaging status quo of the isolated silo for a consolidated approach such as Enterprise Imaging. Key Points Hospitals today have to deal with an assortment of disparate, standalone systems that have different capabilities... Read more

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Affidea Group Speeds Up Its Growth in Outpatient Care, Acquires Orthoderm

2021 04 Mar

Affidea Group, the leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services has today announced the acquisition of Orthoderm, a highly regarded outpatient healthcare provider with a reputation for the delivery of innovative and quality care from its clinic located outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. With this acquisition,... Read more

Enterprise Imaging

Drive Clinical Confidence with Enterprise Imaging

2021 15 Jan

Enterprise Imaging is a breathrough technology that allows radiology departments to be in control of costs and personnel and to transform delivery of care by providing clinicals access to a patient-centric imaging information system designed to boost collaboration and diagnostic accuracy.  The ultimate goal of Enterprise Imaging is to improve clinical... Read more

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Affidea Expands In Croatia By Acquiring Sveti Rok Policlinic

2020 01 Dec

Amsterdam, December 1 st   2020 – In a bid to expand its private outpatient service portfolio, Affidea , the largest European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services, announces the acquisition of Sveti Rok, a reputed private medical provider in Zagreb.  The acquisition is another milestone of the successful business... Read more

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COVID-19 and Imaging – Our Top Stories

2020 13 Jul continues to provide up-to-date coverage of COVID-19 and its impact on radiology practice and diagnostic imaging. Here are some of our top stories so far:   How is the Pandemic Affecting Radiology Practice? An overview of how the Radiology Department at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona handled the COVID-19 pandemic and how this... Read more

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Diagnostic Imaging in the Age of COVID-19

2020 23 Jun

In a disease surrounded by unknowns, patients’ imaging is shedding a light on the course of COVID-19. Radiology in the age of COVID-19 During this relative respite that the COVID-19 offers us after the purportedly first peak of the pandemic, we can reflect on how this tiny virus changed our lives. For the healthcare system, the adaptation... Read more

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Message of Affidea CEO Giuseppe Recchi on International Day of Radiology

2019 09 Nov

We are celebrating today the International Day of Radiology (IDOR), which marks a remarkable 124 years since Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays.  As a leading European provider of diagnostic imaging services, we know that radiology is at the core of every clinical decision making.  This year's IDOR’s main theme is sports imaging as radiologists... Read more

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#EUSOBI2019: Stand-Alone Tomosynthesis Breast Cancer Screening Wins EUSOBI Award

2019 04 Oct

A paper on tomosynthesis screening research won the EUSOBI Award for the most quoted breast imaging paper published in European Radiology (ER) in 2016. Study leader Kristina Lång from Lund University in Malmö, Sweden accepted the award and described research on the paper 'Performance of one-view breast tomosynthesis as a stand-alone... Read more

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Affidea Continues its Expansion Plans with a New Acquisition in Italy

2019 29 Jul

Affidea Group, the leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services announces today that it has completed the acquisition of NSL Health Centers in Rome, Italy. This is Affidea’s third acquisition in the last three months proving the company’s ambition to strengthen its leading position in Europe with the network... Read more

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Mayo Clinic Diagnostic Imaging Update and Self-Assessment 2019

2019 15 Jul

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