AGFA HealthCare is thrilled to announce a significant new deal with Alliance Medical to implement an advanced cloud-based solution across all of Alliance Medical’s UK sites. Powered by the AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform, this state-of-the-art approach supports Alliance Medical UK’s Future Unified Diagnostic Information System (FUDIS) project. This project aims to streamline the entire patient pathway, establishing a robust and lasting partnership between AGFA HealthCare and Alliance Medical.


Deployment of the solution will begin later in 2024, with a phased implementation approach to ensure a smooth and efficient transition of all imaging services across 120 sites for all of Alliance Medical’s UK community diagnostic centres (CDCs), static imaging sites for PET-CT, MRI, CT and other imaging modalities and its extensive fleet of mobile, modular and relocatable units, delivering over 400,000 annual exams.


Efficiency Gains, Clinical Effectiveness, and Collaboration Workflows

Alliance Medical has been a trusted partner to the NHS for 30 years, providing diagnostic imaging solutions to patients throughout the UK. This partnership with AGFA HealthCare will play a pivotal role in achieving the strategic vision for Alliance Medical’s UK business to provide long-term, sustainable diagnostic imaging solutions on behalf of the NHS and other partners.


“The ground-breaking partnership between Alliance Medical and AGFA HealthCare will play a key role in enabling us to achieve our strategic vision, on behalf of our patients and stakeholders, and will support our commitment to integrating diagnostics into existing care pathways. AGFA HealthCare’s solution really led from the front, and the digital ecosystem they brought together will deliver the experience, knowledge and innovation needed to create a complete cloud-based solution which covers the entire end-to-end patient pathway,” says Pete Winchester, UK Managing Director at Alliance Medical.


“We are delighted to further strengthen our partnership with Alliance Medical Group and the relationship with Alliance Medical UK, which is an integral part of the health economy in the UK and beyond. Combining that bond with our close collaboration with our market-leading partners will enable us to jointly deliver a luminary solution that brings together each of our leading technologies: enterprise imaging, clinical decision support, complex workflow orchestration and advanced augmented intelligence. These will run through the heart of the solution to enable clinicians to deliver outcomes for patients and an exceptional user experience that is rich in efficiency gains,” says Roberto Anello, Regional President for Northern Europe for AGFA HealthCare.


Transformative Technologies Delivering an Exceptional User Experience


  • The solution includes the AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform, with Shared Workflow and the XERO® Exchange Network (XEN):
    • Designed around scalability, connectivity and clinical collaboration, Enterprise Imaging enables near-real-time access to images and delivers powerful tools and features for diagnosis, collaboration, workflow and more. By facilitating “imaging without barriers,” it supports patient and clinician work-life balance, as well as the balancing of radiologists’ tasks and reporting workloads between different organisations.
    • Fully embedded artificial intelligence and advanced visualisation tools for molecular imaging all support complex clinical workflows by providing a solution that is readily available regardless of location and time.
    • The Enterprise Imaging Collaborator tool and the new Shared Workflow feature offer completely new ways of managing activity to match reporting capacity with demand, improve clinician collaboration through multi-author workflows, and align unified ‘specialist’ Reporting Worklists with scarce reporting skills. The embedded XERO® application enables clinical teams to engage and share information. Enterprise Imaging is now entering the era of streaming clients capable of displaying large amounts of data in near real-time.
  • AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services, which gives Alliance Medical access to the security, reliability and scalability of the public cloud. The platform is complemented for referrals by two market-leading solutions, including:
    • xWave Technologies’ Smart Referring, an advanced portal for referring clinicians, integrated with Enterprise Imaging XERO®. xWave Smart Referring incorporates a dynamic Clinical Decision Support system which supports clinicians in accessing the most appropriate diagnostic test for their patients. Innovations such as the Smart Vetting workflow also reduce workloads for administrative and clinical staff, while improving patient safety and care.
    • Streets Heaver’s Compucare® PAS/EPR (patient administration system/electronic patient record): This market-leading solution is designed for private patient workflows as well as managing NHS contracts and eReferrals. It supports all clinical activity types from general clinic consultations to diagnostic imaging workflows, as well as other non-imaging diagnostic services. Patient engagement is supported through the Patient Portal.


Source: Agfa HealthCare

Image Credit: iStock

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