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Executive Health Management

Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2023

2023 12 Jun

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IT Management

CIOs Share Lessons and Takeaways from 2022

2023 16 Jan

IT leaders share their thoughts regarding the challenges and opportunities they faced during 2022, including the lessons that were learnt, which can be taken forward to improve the workplace and support IT initiatives.   AI solutions have permeated in all manners of workflows, with 94% of the surveyed business leaders reporting that AI is critical... Read more

IMAGING Management

Testing Whether AI Can Replace Radiologists

2023 11 Jan

A recent study tested whether artificial intelligence could pass the rapid reporting element of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists exam, which radiologists in the UK are required to pass before the completion of their training.   The aim of the study was to test whether an AI candidate could pass the reporting exam and outperform... Read more

IMAGING Management

AI Can Detect Early Signs of Osteoarthritis from an X-ray Image

2022 22 Dec

A team of researchers from the university of Jyväskylä and the Central Finland Health Care District developed an AI based neural network, that can detect early knee osteoarthritis from x-ray images.   This new method offers the potential to improve early detection, saving the patient from unnecessary examinations and treatments.   Typically,... Read more

IT Management

High Adopters of AI-Enabled Screening Tool Leads to More Diagnoses of Heart Condition

2022 18 Nov

Mayo Clinic recently released a study demonstrating that clinicians who are high adopters of AI-enabled clinical tools can treat and diagnose patients more easily.   The study revealed that high adopters of AI-enabled tools were twice more likely to diagnose low left ventricular ejection fraction, compared to low adopters of the tool.   David... Read more

IT Management

AI-Related Competencies Outlined for Health Professionals

2022 04 Nov

A recent report outlines AI-related clinical competencies for healthcare professionals in aim of establishing how they can best prepare themselves to work with artificial intelligence in a clinical setting.   Responding to the growing practical and ethical concerns around using AI tools, there has been a push to create and establish health AI... Read more

IT Management

Verge Genomics Appoints John Applegate as Chief Financial Officer

2022 17 Oct

Former Biogen executive and AI company builder to support Verge’s strategic finance initiatives as it builds the leading tech-enabled drug discovery company Verge Genomics, a tech-enabled drug discovery company pioneering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and human data to develop new drugs announced that John Applegate will join the... Read more

IT Management

Intelligent Health UK 2023

2023 24 May

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