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AI Emerged as a Promising Tool to Advance Global Radiology

2023 24 May

Imaging plays a large and pivotal role in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Given the important role it plays, it is crucial countries have implemented coordinated screening programmes, particularly in low-resource environments.   However, low-resource countries face serious financial limitations, lack of imaging equipment and shortages of workers... Read more

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AI in Medical Imaging May Exaggerate Health Inequities

2023 15 May

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) found that after analysing crowd-sourced sets of data used to create AI algorithms from medical images, most did not contain demographic data. In addition, they found the algorithms were not evaluated for inherent biases.   This implies that researchers or clinicians who may... Read more

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AI Impact on Radiologists

2023 01 Mar

Although AI can help support diagnosis, impact personalised treatment, enhance patient engagement and can be used to model care coordination, it remains imperative that healthcare professionals understand how a patient perceives technology and how AI may come to influence their care.   Several doctors may experience overconfidence, meaning there... Read more

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AI Impact in Lower-resource countries

2023 01 Mar

It is a wide world phenomenon that we have a shortage of radiologists but this problem is even more pronounced in developing countries. Unfortunately, several of these countries lack specialists in addition to lacking radiologists. AI can have a great impact in these locations where radiologists are not present, and help to manage the work load of... Read more

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Testing Whether AI Can Replace Radiologists

2023 11 Jan

A recent study tested whether artificial intelligence could pass the rapid reporting element of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists exam, which radiologists in the UK are required to pass before the completion of their training.   The aim of the study was to test whether an AI candidate could pass the reporting exam and outperform... Read more

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AI Can Detect Early Signs of Osteoarthritis from an X-ray Image

2022 22 Dec

A team of researchers from the university of Jyväskylä and the Central Finland Health Care District developed an AI based neural network, that can detect early knee osteoarthritis from x-ray images.   This new method offers the potential to improve early detection, saving the patient from unnecessary examinations and treatments.   Typically,... Read more

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Introducing ‘That’s life in flow’ at RSNA 2022

2022 13 Oct

Introducing ‘That’s life in flow’: At  RSNA  2022, Agfa HealthCare will showcase how Enterprise Imaging creates an optimal work experience for radiologists. New functionalities and workflows let clinicians stay focused on what’s most important: patient diagnosis and treatment. The right solutions can help radiology leadership add value... Read more

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Dynamic Brain Imaging With AI

2022 02 Aug

MRI, electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography are commonly used to study brain activity. However, new research from Carnegie Mellon University introduces a novel, AI-based dynamic brain imaging technology that maps out rapidly changing electrical activity in the brain with high speed, high resolution, and low cost. The research aims to improve... Read more

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AI vs Humans: Detecting Incidental Pulmonary Embolism on Chest CT

2022 19 Jul

A study was conducted to assess the diagnostic performance of an AI algorithm for detecting incidental pulmonary embolus (iPE) on conventional contrast-enhanced chest CT examinations. Results show that the AI tool had a high negative predictive value (NPV) and moderate positive predictive value (PPV) for detection and was able to find some iPEs that... Read more

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Philips Spotlights Latest AI-Powered, Software-Defined MR Smart Systems at ECR 2022

2022 12 Jul

Philips SmartSpeed AI-based software receives FDA 510(k) clearance, delivering breakthrough high-speed, high-resolution MR imaging Unique broad compatibility (97% of clinical protocols) allows faster and high-quality scans for virtually all patients with various conditions including those with implants Intelligent MR acceleration software... Read more