TeraRecon unveils iNtuition AI Data Extractor

TeraRecon unveils iNtuition AI Data Extractor
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New tool enables vast customer base to automatically convert 3D post-processed studies into rich AI training data sets

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced visualization innovator, TeraRecon, today announced its new iNtuition AI Data Extractor™, a technology breakthrough that empowers its clients to automatically transform clinicians’ archived and day-forward advanced visualization data into valuable AI research-ready training data-sets.

With the addition of the iNtuition AI Data Extractor, users can quickly convert iNtuition™ post-processed data - completed in the normal course of routine clinical reading workflow into volumetric, high-fidelity labeled data sets.  This data can be further optimized by leveraging iNtuition as a powerful, clinical-quality data labeler and used by data scientists to create and train algorithms.  The Extractor will be offered to customers free for the first 90 studies, with a low per-image extraction fee thereafter. TeraRecon customers can now derive new value from many years of past physician, technologist and system-based advanced 3D post-processing by leveraging the iNtuition AI Data Extractor and converting exported files into the necessary formats for continuous algorithm development and training.

TeraRecon is used within many of the highest volume 3D post-processing labs, some of which process approximately 200,000 studies per year.  “At 3DR, we have 100 full-time 3D technologists who are highly skilled at segmentation and anatomic labeling.  They have a deep understanding of our clients’ diagnostic interpretation requirements and produce 3D post-processed imaging data sets used by many of the most prestigious health systems in America.”  said Dr. Robert Falk, Chief Medical Officer at 3DR Laboratories in Louisville, Kentucky.  “Our most sophisticated work is performed on TeraRecon’s iNtuition solution.  We are proud to be able to offer this profoundly simple way for our customers to access the AI Extractor technology and immediately unlock the value of their data.”

Shannon Walters, Executive Manager of a prominent 3D and quantitative imaging lab said,  “The most important thing that AI can do for my department is help people do their work better day-by-day. I am excited that the clinical expertise of my staff can now be utilized in the development of new AI tools.” 

The iNtuition AI Data Extractor is made available as an engine that runs locally or in the cloud as part of the EnvoyAITM platform. This new offering is the first in a series of developer-focused EnvoyAI engines that will streamline the training, delivery and application of new AI algorithms.

EnvoyAI is the world's first medical imaging AI marketplace and interoperability platform, currently offering over 80 algorithms with 20 holding regulatory clearances in various global territories. All EnvoyAI marketplace algorithms, including the iNtuition AI Data Extractor, are offered with a free trial period allowing clinicians to experiment with the ever-growing number of commercial-ready and research-use AI products.

TeraRecon technologies including the EnvoyAI platform, TeraRecon Northstar AI Results Explorer™, and its flagship iNtuition advanced visualization solution, are on display at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (Book a demo at SIIM) in Aurora, Colorado from June 26th – June 28th, 2019. Online demonstrations are available by contacting TeraRecon at [email protected].  

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Published on : Thu, 27 Jun 2019

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