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Executive Health Management

Truth Hurts - but Won't Kill

2016 05 Jan

No organisation is perfect and even the "best" managers can make bad decisions that may make it difficult for employees to do their work — resulting in poor customer service or a low-quality product. So how do employees explain the problem to the bosses without offending (or angering) them? "Telling truth to power is challenging when your livelihood... Read more

IMAGING Management

#RSNA2014: TeraRecon Highlights iNtuition and iNteract+

2014 03 Dec

TeraRecon, a leader in advanced visualisation and enterprise medical image viewing solutions, highlighted major implementation and innovations of its iNtuition advanced visualisation solution combined with its new iNteract+ interoperability capabilities, at the 100th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)... Read more