On paper, it looks straightforward; the basis of personalised care and targeted therapy lies in the realisation that every patient has a different level of susceptibility to disease, responds differently to the same treatment, and needs different doses for the same effect. Over the last ten years, healthcare has made huge progress in linking genetics with disease prevalence and drug response. What makes pe


Initiatives to expand the meeting globally Prof. Sidhu, talks to Healthmanagement.org about EUROSON 2019 and EFSUMB initiatives in the pipeline. EFSUMB and FESUMB welcome the imaging and ultrasound community to Granada for EUROSON 2019. This year EUROSON will be held simultaneously with the XXX Annual Meeting of AEED (Asociación Española de Ecografía Digestiva) and the 35th International Course of S

An in-depth interview with UEMS Secretary General Prof. Vassilios Papalois Prof. Papalois talks to Healthmanagement.org about BREXIT and the potential repercussions the break from the EU may bring to patients and medical professionals. Secretary General of The European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) Prof. Vassilios Papalois, talks to Healthmanagement.org about his powerful ECR 2019 presentation:

Denise Anderson, President of the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (H-ISAC), spoke to HealthManagement.org about this growing global organisation’s aim to fight cyber threats through cooperation among healthcare stakeholders. H-ISAC aims to foster trust and cooperation amongst members with the objective of achieving a more secure digital health environmen


The FT Digital Health Summit, is a one-day conference focusing on how innovation can help address healthcare’s increasing bottom line and how the issues of security, engagement and fragmentation can be tackled. Now in its fifth year, the summit brings together leading speakers from the patient, hospital manager and practitioner, investor and innovator fields to discuss how technology/innovation are mee

The two-day forum presents its 2019 themes Lions Health focuses on the creation, conception and execution of awe-inspiring life-changing creativity that has a verifiable impact on healthcare outcomes. It takes place during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on the 17-18 June 2019, in Cannes, France. Seminars, round-table discussions, inspiring activations, networking and an evening a

Affidea applies ground-breaking AI technology on Brain MRI examinations for people with Multiple Sclerosis Affidea has entered into a partnership with icometrix, a data science company that develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for healthcare, to standardise and improve the care of patients with neurological disorders. The official announcement of the partnership has been made at ECR 2019 on the

What role is telehealth playing in improving the genomics playing field? How one company is breaking down barriers to implementation of genomics to make Personalised Medicine a growing daily reality in healthcare provision. What is Genome Medical’s mid to long-term objective in the field of genomics and Personalised Medicine (PM)? Imagine a day in which your genome

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is rapidly becoming more and more standardised in terms of sequencing techniques. With Precision Medicine coming into the clinical forefront, it is important to know the steps and possibilities associated with Next-Generation Sequencing techniques. Introduction Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is rapidly becoming more and more standardised in terms of sequencing techn

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The case for the lone wolf and pack of wolves Author of lauded book ‘The Art of Innovation – Integrating Creativity in Organisations’, Dimis Michaelides puts forth how to get the balance right with sole and group creative problem solving. Health professionals are well aware of the value of collaboration. The surgery and the emergency room, the care of a single patient always call for differen

A leadership model for the health care sector In medical institutions, leaders are required to ensure, through delegation of responsibility, that working conditions are characterised by interdisciplinary thinking, team-oriented work and ongoing improvement. Leaders in the health sector must be aware of the fact that hospitals operate in a market, which is not in fact a market in the classic competitive

The need for more attention to how sex and gender influences healthcare Healthcare has not been immune to the gender gap, but the implications go deeper than one would expect. Biological differences between males and females have a profound impact on how we approach their healthcare needs in terms of pathophysiology and treatment for a vast array of diseases. However, health education and research cur

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How and where can precision medicine and public health join forces to improve patient care and outcomes and, ultimately, lead to more efficient healthcare. HealthManagement.org spoke to four precision medicine experts for their views. You might also like: Precision Medicine: the future of health Tienush Rassaf Department Head and Chair of Cardiology and Vascular Medicine Westgerman Heart and Vascular

How can healthcare accelerate the implementation of the science? Where is Personalised Medicine (PM) already improving the lives of patients and what is needed to make it the standard of care across multiple conditions? What’s your brief at the PMC? I have a science and genetics background and bring scientific expertise to the PMC. I’m leading the programme and initiatives that try to make a

The promise of personalised medicine Based on extensive market research, the precision medicine sector is fast becoming a multibillion market. It consists of innumerable companies involved in the research and development, manufacturing and commercialisation of several novel drugs and diagnostic kits to boost the precision medicine workflow (BIS Research, 2019). You might also like: Digital Health Hub

The FAIR4Health project supports wider publicly-funded health data use How FAIR4Health aims to enable safe and ethical sharing of all data and metadata derived from publicly-funded research. The FAIR principles are intended to ensure that people and machines can reuse data. These principles are designed to be applied to data and metadata across all scientific disciplines and has been taken over by the

An overview of the application of personalised medicine in cardiology and the potential benefits it offers for improved cardiovascular care. The term “personalised medicine” was first introduced in the late 1990s. The Council of Advisors on Science and Technology of USA defined personalised medicine as “the tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. It does not

The level of sophistication used in due diligence should be on par with the level of complexity in a given industry. AI-Pharma companies are 100 times as complex as FinTech companies. Methodologies used to assess them should be 100 times as rigorous. Discovering new drugs using AI is one of the most challenging areas in biological sciences. Top tier AI for Drug Discovery companies have distinguishing char

Top target treatments and application of personalised medicine in healthcare

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International transfer of successful lessons and strategies is essential for improving quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. Innovators in both developed and developing nations have found ways to deliver healthcare at a significantly lower cost while increasing access and quality, but we need more established channels for transferring these va

Eighteen Actionable Patient Safety Solutions are the key to zero preventable patient deaths in our hospitals. What are the patient safety processes that every hospital administrator and healthcare professional should adopt today to avoid preventable patient harm and death in hospitals? It’s an unfortunate fact of the medical profession that we can’t save everyone who enters the hospital for life-sa

The People Powered Health Movement is ignited by Accreditation Canada (AC) and the newly created Health Standards Organization (HSO) and has a bold ambition of achieving quality health services for all. This interview was conducted with Leslee J. Thompson during the International Patient Experience Symposium in Abu Dhabi. Health Standards Organization (HSO) was created to spearhead a global movement desig

Implementing emerging technologies in healthcare: incentives, challenges and successes How a healthcare hub can bring industry and healthcare together to foster tech exploration and development for better care. Technology opens up new opportunities, and we expect implementation. Use of the new possibilities is now taken for granted in most parts of society. Banking, media, retail and education are just

Addressing pitfalls and best practice examples for successful hiring Is it possible and feasible to successfully hire and integrate nurses from abroad into a relatively conservative environment? As a follow up to my previous article in February 2019 “Nursing on the Move - Cross Border Hiring” with a focus on “Introduction and Background,” this article focuses on how to successfully implement cros

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(I expert, I question, I answer) Have you got something to say? Visit https://healthmanagement.org/blog/index or contact [email protected] Diane BellHealthcare Expert - PA Consulting, UK TOP QUOTE FROM THE BLOG: ‘Post-Brexit: should UK healthcare become more European?’ "Even without Brexit, the NHS needs to think long and hard about how it can best meet the demands of an ageing popul

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