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How Diabetes Increases Heart Attack Risk

2017 27 Mar

Researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have identified one of the reasons why diabetics have greater risk of suffering a heart attack: Diabetes is associated with the loss of small blood vessels around the heart. This in turn affects the entire cardiac muscle. Their findings are published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology.... Read more

Cardiology Management

Heart Risks in Midlife Boost Risk for Later Dementia

2017 28 Feb

New research finds that heart disease risks in middle age – such as diabetes, high blood pressure or smoking – are associated with increased risk for dementia later in life. Keeping the vascular system healthy in midlife is really important to the health of your brain when you are older, according to researchers. The findings were presented at the American... Read more

Cardiology Management

Sex-gender-specific Treatments for Diabetic Patients

2017 14 Feb

Cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes are among the most important causes of death in diabetic patients. As "sex-gender differences" affect diabetes epidemiology, risk factors, as well as cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes, different therapeutic approaches are needed for managing diabetes-associated cardiovascular... Read more

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Fixed Combination Conference 2017

2017 17 Jan

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Executive Health Management

AACE 2016-The Fourth Clinical Congress and the Gulf Chapter Annual Meeting

2016 02 Sep

Building on your contribution to the success of the first, second and third editions of the Clinical Congress and the Gulf Chapter Annual Meetings, we are delighted to welcome you in the bustling metropolitan City of Dubai. The 2016 edition has taken a graceful step towards the international arena in order to deliver a higher calibre... Read more

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Higher BMI Does Not Increase Risk of Heart Attack or Death

2016 02 Aug

According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, twin siblings with a higher BMI do not have an increased risk of heart attack or mortality. However, a higher BMI is associated with an increase in risk of type 2 diabetes. Peter Nordström, researcher at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation at Umeå University explains that... Read more

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Flu Shot Protects Diabetics from CV Hospitalisations

2016 02 Aug

A new study conducted with adults with type 2 diabetes in UK primary-care clinics shows that those who received the influenza shot had lower hospitalisation rates for flu and pneumonia, major cardiovascular diseases and death during the following flu season as compared to those who were not vaccinated. The study is published in CMAJ.This is the first... Read more

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Rise in Avoidable Diabetes Hospital Visits

2016 19 Jul

A new analysis shows that hospital admissions for a short-term and avoidable complication of diabetes have increased by nearly 39 percent in the last ten years. The research is published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal. The NHR-supported study analysed data for almost 80,000 patients who were admitted to hospital for hypoglycaemia. 101,475... Read more

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Prevalence of Global Diabetes Seriously Underestimated

2016 12 Jul

A landmark paper led by Monash University with partners in the UK and US suggests there may be more than 100 million people with diabetes globally than previously thought.The prevalence of global diabetes has been seriously underestimated by at least 25 per cent, according to the paper published in Nature Reviews.In 2015, the official International... Read more

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Diabetes Increases Risk of Death for Years After a Heart Attack

2016 05 Jul

Patients with diabetes have a 50% increased risk of dying following an acute myocardial infarction (AMI) compared with those who've had a heart attack but don't have diabetes, the largest study of its kind ever conducted has revealed.Examining data on more than 700,000 AMI patients, UK researchers found that those with diabetes had a 65% increased risk... Read more