The Chrisofix Ltd. has been established in 1996 as a family owned R+D company for orthopaedic products. In addition to the R+D activities, it includes an ISO certified pilot production plant and a pilot organisation for product distribution. By the time, the company has arrived into a new strategic phase by • developing a medically proven product family of orthoses and first aid splints:,

• developing a highly profitable production technology, • ensuring world wide patent protection for the Chrisofix technology, • elaborating and filing further patents including one for fixation of rib fractures (, and • completing the development of resting splints for repeated use. These splints are proven able to replace (cost effective) even the gypsum (plaster of Paris) used for temporary casting. Creativity and innovation are our strengths. We are continuously developing new products and extending our product range. Many of our products exist in different versions, as required clinically (e.g. splints without textile lining for septic cases). Accordingly, we are looking not only for distribution partners, but also for ones who are interested in buying of new product and/or production licences. The Chrisofix® products represent the newest fixation technology making the splinting quicker and more economic, than it is possible with any thermoplastic material or two-component resins. Based on a world-wide patented technology, all Chrisofix® products are applicable and even re-adjustable without heat, water or any special instrument within one minute.

They ensure a stable external semicircular or even circular fixation achievable only with casting or circular gypsum, however they are extremely light and comfortable similar to the usual ortheses and elastic bandages. they cut down the expenses and save time for all: hospitals, physicians and patients; they can - reduce the duration of hospitalization (chest orthesis), - replace the process of repeated casting by quick readjusting even in the circular form, and - a group of them can be re-used also by different patients after disinfection and changing only padding and the bandages. All of them are X-ray transparent, washable or disinfectable.

The family includes unique products, without any competitor (e.g. chest orthesis used for rib fracture).They include the only one finger splint form with which the finger can be immobilized in whatever position the physicians indicate. Many of our products exist in different versions, as required clinically (e.g. splints without textile lining for septic cases).