Ventricular drainage set Spiegelberg

Ventricular drainage set Spiegelberg

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Drain and collect cerebrospinal fluid with this external ventricular drainage kit. For use with Probe 3 and Probe 3XL, the kit can also be used with a ventricular catheter. It uses a Luer-Lock connector to connect to the ventricular catheter, Probe 3, or Probe 3XL. It also features a built-in access port so cerebrospinal fluid can be drained. A pressure transducer can connect using the proximal three-way stopcock. It has an aerated drip chamber with a replaceable filter and when the patients are moved, you can close the on-off ratchet clamp. Reflux is prevented with a check valve and cerebrospinal fluid can be transported with a pump chamber. The drip chamber collects and measures cerebrospinal fluid, and the drip chamber has Velcro straps to attach it to an infusion stand or EVD holder.
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