Drainage catheter / ventricular SILVERLINE® Spiegelberg

Drainage catheter / ventricular SILVERLINE® Spiegelberg

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Silverline® Catheters have less than 1% small silver particles as well as silver salt that is not soluble. Silver ions are known as strong antiseptic with a wide spectrum. In case there is resistance to silver due to the influence of silver ions, it is still possible to proceed with the antibiotic therapy. The large specific surface of the particles results in silver ions being released in antiseptic concentration on the catheter's surface. Silver salt begins releasing silver ions in antiseptic concentration after catheter placement. The silver particles release silver ions a couple of hours later when the release of ion by the silver salt begins to slow down. Furthermore, release of silver ions from the particles happens for a long interval. The silver inactivates enzyme systems in the cell wall's SH groups which are active in transmembraneous energy metabolism.
  • Area of the body:ventricular
  • Application:drainage
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