Ventricular catheter EVD 30.012.01 Spiegelberg

Ventricular catheter EVD 30.012.01 Spiegelberg
EVD 30.012.01

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This catheter is designed for ventricular drainage, and features Hollow Stylet “Heese” 8F. The hollow stylet allows precise positioning in the lateral ventricle. The holes with which it is equipped correspond to the holes in the catheter. A correct position in the ventricle is indicated with the flow of CSF out of the stylet. The catheter comes with a slotted suture clamp for fixation to the skin, as well as a trocar for tunneling. The external ventricular drainage kit is connected to a Luer-Lock connector. During the insertion process, a hollow stylet is used for stiffening. A 90-degree turn of the stylet shuts off the flow of CSF,
  • Area of the body:ventricular
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