Intracranial pressure probe PROBE 3 PS Spiegelberg

Intracranial pressure probe PROBE 3 PS Spiegelberg

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Through an air-pouch mounted in the tip of the probe, the Parenchymal Probe 3PS effectively measures intraparenchymal pressure. The pressure will then be transmitted by the probe's lumen to the Brain-Pressure Monitor. The Probe 3PS is placed in the parenchyma by means of a bolt screwed into the cranial bone. It is fixed and tightened in the bolt by a compression-screw connection. Complications on the other hand should still be considered carefully as the same indications as those seen in other parenchymal probes will be expected depending on the duration of the measurement. The increase in volume of the intracranial space when the system fills the probe however, is negligible and will not endanger the patient's life or influences the pressure.
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