Intracranial pressure probe PROBE 3 PN Spiegelberg

Intracranial pressure probe PROBE 3 PN Spiegelberg

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Probe 3 PN is used to measure intraparenchymal pressure with the use of an Air-Puch that is mounted on the probe's tip. The probe's lumen transmits the measurement to the Brain Pressure monitor. Probe 3 PN is placed in the individual's parenchyma via a burr hole. It's fixed to the person's skin with a suturing flap. Depending on the measurement's duration, similar complications seen on other parenchymal probes may surface. Thus, indication has to be considered very carefully. There is a change in the volume of the intracranial space upon filling of the probe. However, this increase in volume can be ignored as it does not endanger the patient and does not change the pressure.
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