Intracranial pressure monitor HDM 29.1 Spiegelberg

Intracranial pressure monitor HDM 29.1 Spiegelberg
HDM 29.1

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The New ICP-Monitor has rechargeable batteries and can run on its own for more than 3 hours. It displays systolic and diastolic ICP and has a zeroing function for bedside monitors that are connected. It's compatible with other Spiegelberg Air-Pouch probes. By combining it with the Compliance-Monitor, it can automatically and continuously monitor Cranio-Spinal Compliance and ICP. The new monitor may be used independently or with an ICU monitor, Spiegelberg: Compliance Monitor, or with the Spiegelberg: CPP-Monitor. It has the features of Air-Pouch technology such as inexpensive probes and easy operation. Also, only the sterile probe gets in contact with the patient and there is no electrical connection towards the patient. There is no error because of hydrostatic pressure and there is no need for the pressure transducer to be adjusted to the height of the Foramen of Monro.
  • Measured pressure:intracranial
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