Our Top 10 Imaging Stories from 2019

Our Top 10 Imaging Stories from 2019
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As the year draws to a close, we take a look at our ten most viewed Imaging stories across our 2019 news and journals.


Multisociety AI Radiology Ethics Framework Announced

With AI moving into radiology at lightning speed, international imaging and informatics societies have worked together to produce a paper on ethics guidance.


How to Integrate AI into Radiology Workflow

Where do the computer sciences have the potential to reduce radiologist burnout, reduce costs and make workflow more efficient and what are the first steps in implementing the technology?


Creating the Dream Team in Radiology

A modern successful radiology department team needs top-flight professionals in everything from imaging to social media management.


Leading Breast Radiologist Wins 2019 RSNA Accolade

HealthManagement.org caught up with Fiona Gilbert in her busy schedule to discuss what she sees for the future of breast imaging and how she feels about RSNA recognition.


BREXIT Means BREXIT: Radiologists Without Borders

Prof. Papalois spoke to Healthmanagement.org about BREXIT and the potential repercussions the break from the EU may bring to patients and medical professionals.


Malpractice: CT Scan Reading Errors Cause Patient Injury 
Errors in interpreting imaging studies, particularly CT scans, are the leading cause of patient injury involving diagnostic radiologists, according to a study by malpractice insurer The Doctor’s Company.

Game-Changing Meeting of Minds: Radiology and Imaging Informatics

A visionary radiologist explains how the European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics is bringing imaging and informatics together for best practices and patient outcomes.


Blockchain for Radiology

Blockchain is an exciting new technology that promises to address many problems that exist within the current framework in radiology. Where can Blockchain potentially spark a revolution and increase quality while decreasing healthcare cost?


Future of Ultrasound: Where Are We Going?

Prof. Sidhu, EFSUMB president, spoke to Healthmanagement.org about using ultrasound simulation models as tools for training and education, the greatest potential in combining ultrasound with contrast-enhanced ultrasound in examining children and new initiatives in the pipeline leading to EUROSON 2019.


AI Radiological Image Analysis Pilot in Luxembourg
Luxembourg hospital group Hôpitaux Robert Schumain (HRS) and Hanalytics Sàrl, the Luxembourg subsidiary of Singapore based Tech firm Hanalytics, joined forces to  trial a radiological image analysis solution powered by AI system BioMind®.

Source: HealthManagement.org
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Published on : Fri, 27 Dec 2019

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