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IMAGING Management

Key Principles in Aviation Applicable to Radiology

2017 21 Mar

Key principles of aviation safety – including “big picture” tactical training, the use of checklists, and teamwork – could be adapted to meet the challenges facing the practice of radiology, according to an article in Journal of the American College of Radiology. "Although there are differences in our professions, by adopting proven techniques from... Read more

Executive Health Management

Manager’s Dilemma: From Friday Hunch to Monday Disaster

2016 28 Jun

Ever worried throughout the weekend that a call you didn’t take on Friday afternoon, as you were headed out of the practice, could turn out on Monday that it had been assigned elsewhere?“The signal was there, telling you that something wasn’t quite right, but you rushed past it and dove into other tasks,” writes Jesse Sostrin, author on management... Read more

ICU Management

6 Ways to Improve Medical Emergency Team Performance

2016 14 Jun

When Medical Emergency Teams (METs) or Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) are called to respond to a rapidly deteriorating patient by definition they need to perform under pressure. Effective teamwork is vital. Australian researchers describe 6 habits that can optimise teamwork in such situations, in an article published in Australian Critical Care.Erich C.Fein,... Read more

ICU Management

Is Job Burnout Associated with Infections?

2016 10 May

The high risk of burnout in ICU staff is well-known as is the high rate of healthcare-associated infections. Evidence is emerging of an association between staff burnout and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), when high levels of stress may lead to less attention to infection control. The effect of burnout on teamwork and indirectly on infections... Read more

ICU Management

Teamwork Checklist As Simple as ABCs

2016 03 May

Team confidence, cohesion, empathy and esprit de corps as well as patient safety may be improved by using a simple checklist, according to a letter published in the Journal of Critical Care. Lead author, Peter Brindley, from the University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Canada, with colleagues from St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, introduces an easy-to-remember... Read more

ICU Management

Evaluating Teamwork in Medical Emergencies

2016 29 Mar

Teamwork education is known to improve trauma team performance, including leadership, situation monitoring, communication and prioritisation. High-functioning teams with excellent leadership have higher quality CPR, shorter pre-defibrillation pauses, and shorter times to first defibrillation. The American Heart Foundation and European Resuscitation... Read more

Executive Health Management

Multi-source Feedback Improves Surgeon Performance

2015 30 Aug

A performance evaluation tool widely used in industry is effective in assessing surgeons' adherence to standards of excellence and promoting changes in behaviour to improve surgical practice and teamwork, according to a new study published online by the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Researchers at Ariadne Labs, Boston, applied multi-source... Read more