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A real use for smart contracts?

2018 26 Nov

Blockchain technology has given rise to new concepts such as "smart contracts", which have the potential to be a game changer especially when it comes to facilitating business transaction processes. For example, if your flight is cancelled but you purchased flight insurance, a smart contract might instantaneously pay you after getting an update from... Read more

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Hit or hype? 4 ways blockchain can transform healthcare

2018 07 Nov

Amidst the hype and heated debate (is it really secure?), blockchain is starting to make its presence felt in healthcare – think "prescription blockchain" and "blockchain-enabled data marketplace".  Strong security (data encryption) is what this new tech on the block promises. The data will be stored and shared with all the authorised providers... Read more

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Will GDPR scupper blockchain?

2018 31 Oct

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has stirred much debate over internet privacy. Essentially, the GDPR aims to create “digital rights” for EU citizens, requiring companies that collect or use personal data to ask for consent from their users or customers. This includes companies that maintain databases containing personal data,... Read more

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2nd Blockchain in Healthcare Congress 2019

2019 13 Jun

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How blockchain is fighting opioid epidemic

2018 13 Sep

Much has been said about blockchain's potential to enhance security of data management and sharing. Gartner has gone so far to say it's overhyped at the moment; yet IBM and other tech firms are bent on turning the promise of cryptographic ledger technology into real-world efficiencies in healthcare and beyond. Blockchain's growing list of innovative... Read more

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Short read: smart contracts in healthcare

2018 22 Aug

For researchers, funding plays an important role in accomplishing their work. In the healthcare industry, many relevant topics do not get sufficient funding because they are not profitable for pharmaceutical laboratories. Blockchain, which is based on distributed ledger technology, and "smart contracts" are seen as possible solutions to this  funding... Read more

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Is blockchain the solution for fragmented medical info?

2018 12 Jun

The use of different electronic records systems in hospitals and specialist clinics makes it difficult for doctors or care teams to have a complete view of a patient’s health history or treatment record. Blockchain has emerged as a possible solution to this data fragmentation problem. Blockchain, which makes use of distributed ledger technology,... Read more

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Blockchain healthcare IT set for huge growth by 2025

2018 24 Apr

The need to improve interoperability and security of the healthcare information systems is a major factor for the growing adoption of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector, according to a new report from global market intelligence and advisory firm BIS Research. The report says the blockchain in healthcare is projected to be $176.8 million... Read more