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2016 04 Oct

  Technology used in connection with Bitcoin currency could be the solution for healthcare’s wide-ranging IT systems. Blockchain garnered global attention as Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer transactions system for verifying and recording transactions in a ledger. The healthcare sector innovators are starting to take notice of blockchain’s capacity...Read more

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2017 03 May

HEALTHIO and Health2.0 Europe are co-located Events Health 2.0 is the premiere showcase and catalyst for the advancement of new health technologies. Through a global series of conferences, developer competitions, and leading market intelligence, Health 2.0 drives the innovation and collaboration necessary to transform...Read more

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2016 15 Dec

Drew Ivan was one of the winners in the recent ONC Blockchain Ideation Challenge which focused on use of the technology in healthcare security. He is Director of Business Technology at Orion Health.   Drew answered the question: What are the top potential benefits of using Blockchain technology to secure healthcare records?...Read more

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2017 18 Apr

A number of obstacles must be overcome before blockchain can have widespread implementation in healthcare, according to technology experts. These include regulations, implementation costs, technical challenges, as well as deeply entrenched business models.   See Also : How Blockchain Can Make HIT More Secure Healthcare has sets of rules covering...Read more

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2017 09 May

Blockchain has generated much interest and excitement in healthcare as this emerging technology represents a new paradigm for storing data. With the industry's strict privacy regulations, however, experts are of the opinion that implementing the digital ledger technology won't be easy. See Also : Is Healthcare Ready for Blockchain? "It's the...Read more

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2017 05 Sep

With hacking attacks on the rise, healthcare organisations need to beef up measures to ensure better protection of sensitive patient data. Infosec teams may find the emerging Blockchain technology helpful in tackling the hacking threat. Blockchain is seeing growing support because of its capabilities to offer impregnable security. The technology...Read more

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2018 25 Jan

Lo o k i ng a t t he f u t u r e o f S m a r t Co n t r a c t s i n h e a l t h c a r e. Coul d S mar t Contract-enable d bloc k chain s  hel p p r otec t patien t dat a  whil e als o p r omot in g watertigh t agreement...Read more

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2018 03 May

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2018 27 Feb

The application of artificial intelligence in healthcare continues to expand, and this time AI will be used in combination with blockchain technology to create a global marketplace for healthcare data. In this blockchain-based marketplace, the monetisation of a person's health data (e.g., blood test results) will become possible. Longenesis, a healthcare...Read more

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2018 06 Mar

The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare seems to grow at a frenetic pace. Indeed, according to a forecast by IBM, the medical AI market will be worth $200 billion a year in a few years. And Skychain, a key player in advancing the use of healthcare AI, has made public its goal of capturing a lion's share of the market. Skychain is a project...Read more

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2018 12 Apr

There is so much more to the healthcare industry than medicine, says Varun Gera, Founder & CEO of HealthAssure, noting how the sector has become a powerhouse of information about doctors, patients and their health records. This information needs to be kept safe and secure, and yet be readily available to those who need it, he hastens to add. However,...Read more

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2018 24 Apr

The need to improve interoperability and security of the healthcare information systems is a major factor for the growing adoption of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector, according to a new report from global market intelligence and advisory firm BIS Research. The report says the blockchain in healthcare is projected to be $176.8 million...Read more

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2018 12 Jun

The use of different electronic records systems in hospitals and specialist clinics makes it difficult for doctors or care teams to have a complete view of a patient’s health history or treatment record. Blockchain has emerged as a possible solution to this data fragmentation problem. Blockchain, which makes use of distributed ledger technology,...Read more

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2019 17 Mar

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2018 22 Aug

For researchers, funding plays an important role in accomplishing their work. In the healthcare industry, many relevant topics do not get sufficient funding because they are not profitable for pharmaceutical laboratories. Blockchain, which is based on distributed ledger technology, and "smart contracts" are seen as possible solutions to this  funding...Read more

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2018 13 Sep

Much has been said about blockchain's potential to enhance security of data management and sharing. Gartner has gone so far to say it's overhyped at the moment; yet IBM and other tech firms are bent on turning the promise of cryptographic ledger technology into real-world efficiencies in healthcare and beyond. Blockchain's growing list of innovative...Read more

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2019 11 Jul

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2018 31 Oct

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has stirred much debate over internet privacy. Essentially, the GDPR aims to create “digital rights” for EU citizens, requiring companies that collect or use personal data to ask for consent from their users or customers. This includes companies that maintain databases containing personal data,...Read more

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2018 07 Nov

Amidst the hype and heated debate (is it really secure?), blockchain is starting to make its presence felt in healthcare – think "prescription blockchain" and "blockchain-enabled data marketplace".  Strong security (data encryption) is what this new tech on the block promises. The data will be stored and shared with all the authorised providers...Read more

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2018 26 Nov

Blockchain technology has given rise to new concepts such as "smart contracts", which have the potential to be a game changer especially when it comes to facilitating business transaction processes. For example, if your flight is cancelled but you purchased flight insurance, a smart contract might instantaneously pay you after getting an update from...Read more

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2018 19 Dec

  While healthcare IT that supports telehealth and remote monitoring are gaining ground, other technology is hardly emerging from the pilot stage in addition to competing for a slice of the budget .   One of the top consumers of the HIT budget is the EHR which, in spite of having a reputation for poor user-friendliness is still the default...Read more

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2019 08 Jan

Blockchain technology has been touted as an important innovation when it comes to storing and securing data, which abounds in healthcare. Some experts say the technology could help facilitate the creation of a more comprehensive, secure and interoperable repository of health-related information.   Many healthcare organisations in Europe are...Read more

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2019 21 Jan

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2019 21 Jan

Blockchain. What diverse reactions the mention of this technology gets both within and without the healthcare setting. There are those who are convinced that it’s going to transform not only healthcare but society as well. Others see it as a hyped-up technology beset with limitations which has nothing constructive to offer the healthcare sector – or,...Read more

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2019 21 Jan

Blockchain technology is touted as being potentially revolutionary, but what’s the view for the healthcare sector? Known for being an industry that’s slow to adopt and adapt to new tech, could there be any value in Blockchain for healthcare? spoke to four Blockchain experts for their views.  Kamales Lardi  Managing Partner ...Read more

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2019 21 Jan

Adoption of distributed ledger technology will benefit patients and providers Blockchain is more than just a technology that allows us to do what we already do better, faster and cheaper. This peer-to-peer new technology has the potential to create a more inclusive economy, where patients can benefit from health data ownership. One...Read more

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2019 21 Jan

Blockchain revolutionises data security, research and monetisation Blockchain can provide the backbone for a health data infrastructure that enables patients to control and benefit financially from their health data. The power of health data  The tsunami of personal data brought about by the digital revolution now extends far beyond...Read more