Arab Health 2014: Blackford Analysis Introduces Image Comparison Acceleration Portfolio

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Blackford enhances any image viewer to accelerate the comparison of medical images

Blackford Analysis, a provider of software products that accelerate comparison of medical images, has announced it will be introducing its products to the Middle Eastern market at the Arab Health Congress 2014 in Dubai.

Designed to be integrated directly into any image viewer, such as a PACS, Advanced Visualization Viewer or Universal Viewer, Blackford Analysis’ products work seamlessly within existing systems to enable instant comparison of multiple image studies with a single click.

Already making strong inroads into the US market through key partnerships with imaging industry companies like Intelerad, ClearCanvas and Fovia, Blackford Analysis is participating at Arab Health as the company seeks to bring its products into new markets.

“Our products help save clinician time, increase capacity and facilitate better communication, while helping to increase productivity and efficiency across the healthcare enterprise,” said Dr. Ben Panter, CEO, Blackford Analysis. “These attributes are applicable in every healthcare market in the world and we are looking forward to meeting the Arab Health delegates to show them the incredible difference that Blackford products can make to their imaging workflow.”

Blackford Analysis will be demonstrating the four key elements of its software:

•Blackford MatchedCrosshairs enhances any image viewer to allow users to simply click once on a location in any scan to instantly find the same location in multiple scans from different timepoints and/or different modalities (CT, MRI or PET).

•Blackford MatchedView enables any image viewer to automatically compensate for changes in patient position and acquisition planes between scans, automatically presenting views of compared exams in the same position and plane, and enabling like-for-like comparison.

•Blackford AutoSync gives image viewers the ability to perform slice synchronization across exams automatically, regardless of differences in acquisition protocol and patient positioning, so that you can start reading immediately when compared exams are displayed.

•Blackford Fusion enables image viewers to display accurate anatomical location of functional imaging findings by displaying fused views of exams from the same, hybrid, or complementary modalities.

28 January 2014

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Published on : Tue, 28 Jan 2014

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