ICU Management & Practice, Volume 22 - Issue 5, 2022

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Volume 22, Issue 1 1-50

Volume 22, Issue 2 51-100 

Volume 22, Issue 3 101-154

Volume 22, Issue 4 155-200

Volume 22, Issue 5 201-250

Subject index

Antibiotic Resistance

Algethamy H. Reducing Antibiotic Resistance in the ICU. 22(4):188-192.

Bautista-Aguilar GA, Peña-Juárez J, Pérez-Barragán E, Deloya-Tomas E, Zamarrón- López EI, Perez-Nieto OR. Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria in the ICU. 22(4):173-176.

Dhaese S, Boelens J, De Waele J. Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Principles to

Combat Antimicrobial Resistance. 22(4):160-162.

Ganapathiraju I, Maves RC. Rapid Diagnostics and Antimicrobial Resistance in the ICU. 22(4):178-179.

Haddad SF, Zakhour J, Kerbage A, Kanj SS. Diagnostic Stewardship in Five Common Infectious Syndromes. 22(4):180-183.

Lakbar I, Duclos G, Leone M. Does Antimicrobial Resistance Affect Clinical Outcomes in the ICU? 22(4):184-186.

Machado MC, Guery B, Rello J. Antibiotic Stewardship in Critical and Emergency Care. 22(4):166-169.

Vincent JL. Antibiotic Resistance. 22(4):154.


Klein H. Guiding Clinical Care Using Pancreatic Stone Protein. 22(5):212-213.

Practical Implementation of the Pancreatic Stone Protein Sepsis Test. 22(3):112-113.

Vora S, Ventura F. Pancreatic Stone Protein Biomarker for Sepsis, Antimicrobial Resistance and Nosocomial Infections. 22(4):163-164.


Deutsch A. The Clinical Utility of Estimated Plasma Volume in Critical Care. 22(5):223-224.

Girerd N. Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Estimated Plasma Volume Status. 22(1):15-16.

Rationale Behind Practice: Landiolol in Critical Care. 22(2):69-70.

Short Acting Beta-Blockers in Critically Ill Patients With Heart Failure. 22(4):170-171.


Flaatten H, Jung C, Guidet B. ICU Management of the Very Old: The Evidence Base Anno 2022. 22(2):92-94.


Lobo-Valbuena B, Molina R, de la Oliva Calvo LL, Gordo F. Delirium: How Can We Protect Our Patients? Detection and Treatment Strategies. 22(3):140-144.

Haemodynamic Management

Improving Haemodynamic Management of ICU Patients: Decatecholaminisation and Cardiac Stress Reduction. 22(5):217-219.

Nacul FE, Elias de Oliveira N, Manoel da Silva-Jr J, Olivato GB, Ajeje Lobo SM. Perioperative Haemodynamic Optimisation of the High-Risk Surgical Patient. 22(3):151-154.

Informatics and Technology

Gabiña IS, Gordo F, Martínez SP. Information Transfer as a Strategy to Improve Safety in ICU. 22(1):18-24.


Brogi E, Bozzetti G, Romani M, Corradi F, Forfori F. The Use of Critical Care Ultrasound. 22(5):206-211.

Bryant CD. Bedside Point-of-Care Ultrasound Use in the Critically Ill: Historical Perspectives and a Path Forward. :22(5)::245-248.

Chiumello D, Tomarchio E, Coppola S. The Role of Lung Imaging to Personalise Lung Ventilation in ARDS Patients. 22(5):215-216.

Dragoi L, Douflé G. Imaging the Critically Ill Patient: Echocardiography. 22(5):220-222.

Flores-Ramírez R, Mendiola-Villalobos C, Pérez-Nieto OR, Zamarrón-López EI, Carbajo-Martínez S, Deloya-Tomas E. Rapid Assessment of Fluid Responsiveness and Tolerance With Ultrasound of the Neck Vessels in Critically Ill Patients. 22(5):234-237.

Gómez-González A, Martínez-Camacho MA, Baro RAJ, Rodríguez CAN, Reviriego GB. POCUS in Critical Care Physiotherapy: Give Me Sight Beyond Sight. 22(5):239-243.

King C, Wilkinson J, Miller A, Peck M. Point of Care Ultrasound: The Critical Imaging Tool for the Critically Unwell. 22(5):226-233.

Vincent JL. Imaging the Critically Ill. 22(5):201.

Medical Error and Harm

Hawryluck L, Styra R. Coping With the Psychological Impact of Medical Errors: Some Practical Strategies. 22(1):6-9.

Joya-Ramírez M, Macías-Sánchez HS, Guevara-Díaz JA, Meza-Comparán HD, Kammar-García A, Mancilla-Galindo J. Learning from Medical Errors. 22(1):47-49.

Lopez-Fermin J, Escarramán-Martínez D, Ramírez RF, Soriano-Orozco R, Zamarron-Lopez EI, Perez-Nieto OR. Doing More Can Be Worse: Ten Common Errors in the ICU. 22(1):26-29.

Shulman R. Processes to Reduce Medication Errors in the ICU. 22(1):30-33.

Vincent JL. Medical Error and Harm. 22(1):1.


Gómez-González A, Martínez Camacho MA, Baro RAJ, Saavedra SN, Gallardo A, Teixeira da Cruz AG. Ten Overlooked Mistakes During Early Mobilisation in the Intensive Care Unit. 22(3):146-149.


Gastric Residual Volume – Monitoring and Management. 22(2):77-76.

Improving Clinical Outcomes With Early Enteral Nutrition. 22(4):177.

Nutrition Monitoring and Patient Data Management Systems. 22(3):123.

Pain Management

Chanques G. Pain Assessment in Critical Illness. 22(3):106-111.

Cuny A, De Jong A, Chanques G. Pain Management Specificities in Critically Ill Patients With Obesity. 22(3):120-122.

Huerta-Calpe S, Suárez R, Balaguer M, Esteban E. Pain Management in Paediatric Critical Care. 22(3):136-139.

Vincent JL. Acute Pain Management. 22(3):101.

Patient Safety

Altman M, Brinker D. Nurse-Driven Initiatives Impact Patient Safety. 22(1):40-42.

López-González A, Esteban E, Casas I, Mortality Review Committee. The Role of a Mortality Review Committee in a Paediatric and Maternity Hospital. 22(1):43-46.

Olsen F, Khanna AK. Monitoring Postoperative Hypotension – A Futuristic Look at Patient Safety. 22(1):34-38.

Sauro KM, Stelfox HT. Patient Safety in the ICU: Exploring Trends in Adverse Events in ICUs. 22(1):10-14.


Zimmerman FS, Pachys G, Alpert EA, Einav S. Understanding Carbon Dioxide in Resuscitation. 22(2):96-98.


Molina-Galeote J, Patiño-Arreola G, Radillo-Santana ID, Deloya-Tomas E, Zamarrón-López EI, Pérez-Nieto OR. Analgesia, Sedation and Neuromuscular Blockade in Critically Ill Patients: A Practical Approach for Intensivists. 22(3):124-134.

Tejpal A, Pereira SM, Sklar MC. Sedation, Analgesia and Respiratory Drive in Mechanically Ventilated Adults. 22(3):115-119.


Adel A, Schaller SJ. One Sepsis Fits All? Are There Different Phenotypes of Sepsis? Diagnostic Approaches and Therapies. 22(2):56-59.

Brogi E, Piagnani C, Pillitteri M, Forforti F. Sepsis in Critical Care. 22(4):194-199.

Leone M. The Alphabet Book of Sepsis. 22(2):72-75.

Nair GB, Niederman MS. Sepsis in Critical Care: Effective Antimicrobial Strategies in ICU. 22(2):63-68.

Noel CB, Bartock JL, Dellinger P. Symmetrical Peripheral Gangrene. 22(2):88-90.

Pérez-Nieto OR, Ambriz-Alarcón MA, Phinder-Puente ME, Sánchez-Díaz JS, Deloya Tomas E, Zamarrón-López EI. Challenges in the Haemodynamic Management of Septic Shock. 22(2):78-83.

Pinevich Y, Pickering BW, Herasevich V. Sepsis Surveillance (Sepsis Sniffer): Where We Are Now and Where We Are Going. 22(2):84-86.

Septic Shock and Vasopressor Initiation: Why Earlier is Better. 22(2):60-61.

Vincent JL. Sepsis in Critical Care. 22(2):51.