ICU Management & Practice, Volume 23 - Issue 5, 2023



Volume 23, Issue 1 1-50

Volume 23, Issue 2 49-100

Volume 23, Issue 3 101-138

Volume 23, Issue 4 139-189

Volume 23, Issue 5 190-230



Subject index


Airway Management

  • Russotto V, Collino F, Sansovini C, Muraccini M, Francesconi M, Caironi P. Current Airway Management During Anaesthesia - The STARGATE Study. 23(3):132-133.


Artificial Intelligence

  • De Corte T, Verhaeghe J, Ongenae F, Van-Hoecke S, De Waele J. Towards Artificial Intelligence as a Decision Support Tool to Combat AMR in the ICU. 23(4):144-147.
  • Herasevich V, Diedrich D, Pickering BW. Why Artificial Intelligence is Not Fixing the Problem of Sepsis in the Hospital. 23(4):156-158.
  • Michard F, Gonzalez FA, Schoettker P. Artificial Intelligence in Anaesthesia and Critical Care - Temptations and Pitfalls. 23(4):159-162.
  • Vincent JL. Artificial Intelligence in the ICU. 23(4):139.



  • Biomarkers as Prognostic Predictors and Guide in Critically Ill Patients. 23(2):54- 55.
  • Ceccato AA, Areny-Balagueró A, Camprubí- Rimblas M, Campaña Duel E, Blanch L, Raventós AA. Biomarkers for ARDS. What is New? 23(1):6-9.
  • Herrera-Venegas CA, Piña-Saucedo F, Ortiz-Sibaja A, Zamarron-Lopez EI, Deloya- Tomas E, Perez-Nieto OR. Utility of Biomarkers in Obstetric Patients With Preeclampsia. 23(1):34-37.
  • Maves RC. Biomarkers of Infection in the Intensive Care Unit. 23(1):19-21.
  • Pan D, Whales W, Niederman MS. Biomarkers in Sepsis. 23(1):14-18.
  • Poole J. The Footprints of a Gigantic Hound – Biomarkers in Intensive Care. 23(1):30- 32.
  • Ruiz-Rodríguez JC, Chiscano-Camón L, Ruiz-Sanmartin A, Martin L, Bajaña I, Palmada C, Martin C, Ferrer R. Biomarkers in Sepsis - Present and Future. 23(1):25-29.
  • Ventura F, Tissières P, Pugin J. Sepsis Diagnosis: Clinical Signs, Scores, and Biomarkers. 23(1):10-11.
  • Ventura F, Eggimann P, Pagani J-L, Tissières P, Pugin J. Sepsis Diagnosis: Pancreatic Stone Protein in Adults, Children, and Neonates. 23(1):12-13.
  • Vincent JL. Biomarkers. 23(1):1.


Euglycaemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis

  • Puccini M, Rauch-Kröhnert U. Detecting Euglycaemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis Associated with SGLT2 Inhibitors. 23(2):78-80.


Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation


Fluid Therapy

  • Pérez-Nieto OR, Cuéllar-Mendoza D, Santillán-Ramírez CU, Méndez-Martínez LM, Deloya-Tomas E, Zamarrón-López EI. Intravenous Fluids in Critically Ill Patients: When Less is Better. 23(3):126- 130.


Greener ICU

  • Bernat M, Hammad E, Zieleskiewicz L, Leone M. Carbon Footprint in ICU: A New Meaningful Outcome in Research Trials. 23(3):124-125.
  • Hunfeld N, Diehl JC, Van Der Zee S, Gommers,D, van Raaij EM. The Green Intensive Care: From Environmental Hotspot to Action. 23(3):106-109.
  • Ostermann M. Call for a Green ICU. 23(3):122-123.
  • Parry-Jones J, Baid H. Moving Environmental Sustainability from the Fringe to the Centre Ground in Critical Care. 23(3):110-113.
  • Salinas-Gabiña I, Pajares-Martínez S, Gordo F. Green ICU-4Ps: It Is Not An Option To Not Accomplish It. 23(3):114-120.
  • Vincent JL. Greener ICU. 23(3):101.


Mechanical Ventilation

  • Abella-Álvarez AM, Torrejón-Pérez I, Pajares- Martínez S, Gordo F. Individualisation of Mechanical Ventilation in Obstructive Lung Disease: Not All Ventilated Patients Have ARDS. 23(4):175-179. https://iii. hm/1mwz
  • Chiumello D, Catozzi G, Coppola S. The Mechanical Power as a Guide for Protective Mechanical Ventilation in Patients With and Without ARDS. 23(4):180-182.
  • Rojas-Flores DP, Soriano-Martínez JN, Toledo-Pérez R, Montesinos-Gómez G. Seven Myths of Mechanical Ventilation in Paediatric and Neonatal Patients. 23(4):183-187.


Medical Error and Harm

  • Sánchez-Díaz JS, Peniche-Moguel KG, Terán-Soto JM, Martínez-Rodríguez EA, López-Pérez FJ. Medical Errors in the Preanalytical Phase of Blood Gases Test. 23(3):135-137.


Organ Support

  • Belletti A, Landoni G, Zangrillo A. Which Vasopressors and Inotropes to Use in the Intensive Care Unit. 23(2):63-69.
  • De Rosa S, Brogi E, Forfori F. Update on Combined Extracorporeal Lung and Kidney Support in Fluid Overload. 23(2):56-62.
  • Galindo-Vallejo P, Phinder-Puente ME, Medina-Estrada JL, López-Pérez FJ, Deloya- Tomas E, Pérez-Nieto OR. Kidney Replacement Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit. 23(2):73-77.
  • Martínez-Camacho MA, Jones-Baro RA, Gómez-González A, Espinosa-Ramírez G, Pérez-Calatayud AA, Rojas-Velasco G. Early Mobilisation in Patients Undergoing Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation. 23(2):90-93.
  • Mehta RL. Predictive Analytics for Kidney Support in the ICU. 23(2):86-88.
  • Muciño-Bermejo MJ, Ronco C. Sustainability and Extracorporeal Organ Support. 23(2):82-85.
  • Putowski Z, Fronczek J, Jung C, Szczeklik W. A Very Old Patient in the ICU: Much More Than an Acute Organ Dysfunction. 23(2):70-72.
  • Vincent JL. Organ Support. 23(2):49.


Paediatric and Neonatal Care

  • Pons M, Esteban E, Corniero P, Carrillo GD, Lasaosa FJC. Long-Term Home Ventilation in Children: Facing the Challenge. 25(5):213-215.
  • Renter L, Esteban E, Brió-Sanagustin S, Gómez JC, Cabañas J, Morales J, Jiménez X, Becerra J, Oller O, Torre N, Coca E. The Role of the Paediatrician in the Coordination Centre. 23(1):38-40.
  • Villalobos AF, Esteban E, Cuyàs FG, Llandrich RC, Elías XE, Garcia-Canadilla P, Ruiz FL, Nova-Martínez MI, Carrillo GD, Garcia IJ, FJC Lasaosa. Transforming a PICU in the Digital Age. 23(4):163-167.


Patients and Families

  • Arriaga-Morales E, Pérez-Nieto OR, Cuellar- Mendoza D, Sánchez de la Barquera GBE, Siller-Serna AC, Deloya-Tomas E. Administering Care to Critically Ill Patients with FAST HUGS IN BED PLEASE - Revisited Mnemonic. 23(5):207-212.
  • Cruz S, Alava FM, Zambrano VR, Franco DM, Nieto-Estrada VH, Singh ME, Tavella M, Gutiérrez-Gómez APP, López C, Caicedo G, Herrera AE, Montesinos GC, Quintero A. From the Other Side: Humanising Critical Medicine. 23(1):44-46.
  • Hawryluck L, Douma MJ, Brindley PG. The Internet and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Critical Care Medicine: Opportunities, Threats, and the Practitioner-Patient Relationship. 23(5):202-206.
  • Lobo-Valbuena B, Garcia-Manzanedo S, Alcaraz AR, Garcia-Arias MM, Gordo F. Bringing Back the Forgotten Puzzle Piece: Family Empowerment in the Care of the Critically Ill Patient. 23(5):195-201.
  • Michalsen A, Badewien C. New German Law: Ex-post Triage Criminalised. 23(1):42-43.
  • Poole J. Belon LA. Treating the Whole Human In Intensive Care – Patient- Centred Outcomes in Sepsis, Surgery and Trauma. 23(5):216-218.
  • Vincent JL. Patients and Families. 23(5):190.



  • Cardiovascular Management in Sepsis: Improving Cardiac and Vascular Functions. 23(4):148-150.
  • Cardiovascular Management in Septic Shock: Optimising Vascular and Cardiac Function. 23(5):219-220.
  • Ventura F. Applying the Latest International Sepsis Guidelines by Screening High- Risk Hospitalised Patients With PSP. 23(4):172-174.


Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

  • Brogi E, Querci L, Chieregato A. Acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage - An Epidemiological Perspective. 23(5):221-226.



  • Nacul FE, Alshamsi I, Della-Torre V. Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopaenia. 23(2):95-98.


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