Taking control of your reputation has become far more complex in recent decades, with advanced technology presenting widespread opportunities. If well choreographed, use of the many tools, platforms and channels on hand can lead to significant strength, propelling your reputation; but if orchestrated badly, your online and offline involvement could actually present damage. Absence or presence from the onli


Human-machine collaboration is key. Should radiologists be buying into the hype about artificial intelligence? HealthManagement spoke to Prof.Paul Chang about AI, deep learning and the advantages of intellectual arbitrage. How are artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning shaping radiology? In healthcare in general, and radiology in particular, we tend to buy very early into the hype surrounding

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An interview with Dr. Umesh Prabhu. Leading NHS medical director, Dr. Umesh Prabhu on what a hospital can do to improve patient safety – yesterday. Patient safety is a critical area of focus for all healthcare institutions, requiring involvement from all levels, from the board to individual staff members on the frontline, Dr Umesh Prabhu, the former Medical Director, Wrightington, Wigan and Lehigh Na

A new framework for active involvement A new framework from Health Service Executive supports hospitals in aim to improve care quality and safety. As hospitals try to drive rapid improvement, boards have an opportunity and a responsibility to make better quality of care the organisation’s top priority. This critical partnership between broadly-focused executive leadership teams and highly-engaged board


From the algorithm development sandbox to the clinical wilderness. Today, far too many articles and blog posts suggest that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is some sort of magic pill that can easily be taken to ensure that all and any problems within healthcare will disappear overnight. However, change is difficult and often a slow process. It is not surprising to see today’s AI a

A new and outstanding premium Ultrasound system. RS85 is Samsung’s premium ultrasound system that adopted the integrated solution. It provides enhanced image quality, usability, and convenience for medical and radiology professionals. Built with exquisite image quality and expert tools, it empowers professionals to make faster and more confident decisions. Among its features, the RS85 features MV-Flow

Time is of the essence in an emergency situation, and may be the difference between life and death. Ambulance crews on the front line must decide rapidly whether or not a patient is suffering from a life-threatening condition requiring specialist treatment, and point-of-care ultrasound can provide vital guidance. Geert-Jan Deddens, a nurse practitioner in emergency care with the Rotterdam Ambulance Service

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What’s behind the phenomenon? Top influencers from the healthcare field weigh in on what it has taken to establish credibility in their niche. Industry influencers have always existed in one shape or form but today their reach has been leveraged by social media networks. The modern-day influencer is a person who can impact opinions and bring ‘food-for-thought’ topics to the forefront through the pow

Making social media work for your organisation Leading healthcare social media expert gives rundown on how online presence should not be left to chance. Social media has an increasingly important role to play in maintaining an organisation’s reputation and image. not only are patients seeking health information online, many say their choice of a specific doctor, hospital or medical treatment is influe

Opportunities and challenges Tips and pointers from FutureLearn trainer on optimal use of social media for crisis management, patient engagement and preventive healthcare. How important is it that healthcare engages in social media practice? What about social media is most challenging for healthcare organisations? In this era of information and communication technology, every sector is taking advantage

Leveraging digital resources is the key to successful marketing Reed Smith of the Social Health Institute weighs in on what healthcare can do to leverage their reputation through a sound social media and digital marketing strategy. You have a great deal of experience through the Social Health Institute (SHI) and other organisations you cooperate with. Do you think social media marketing and healthcare a

How ‘corporate responsibility’ is impacting on healthcare Developed by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) Care Without Carbon (CWC) is an award-winning healthcare sustainability model, which has impacted positively on reputation. Sustainability in healthcare “Sustainability” is a phrase that’s used a lot in the National Health Service (NHS) at the moment, with people interpreting it i

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New book to provide a roadmap for optimisation In a soon-to-be released book, experts offer their knowledge and guidance for optimising quality and safety in radiological practice. Summer 2018 will see the release of a monograph edited by Prof. Lluis Donoso Bach and Prof. Giles Boland. Quality and Safety in Imaging provides a roadmap for optimising quality and safety within radiology practices, whether a

Radiologists collaborate with sports physicians for optimal performance How diagnostic imaging can be used in sports medicine and how different techniques can be used to assess muscle injuries. Diagnostic imaging in sports medicine As muscle injuries represent more than thirty percent of sports injuries, with great implications for professional teams, musculoskeletal radiologists need to share the new kn

Advancement of technologies continues to improve diagnosis The official doctor for the Slovenian athletics team speaks to HealthManagement.org about how emerging technologies have made a positive impact on sports medicine and resulted in more precise diagnostics. How crucial is the role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in sports medicine? In my opinion, I believe that the use of MRI imaging has been

In healthcare patients are not consumers with the economic power they have in other markets, but the arguments for patient involvement are compelling. "Healthcare is like dog food business." Here we hear an American explaining that in healthcare, just like in buying dog food, the consumer is not the one who determines what is on the menu, nor the one who pays. Patients are not consumers in the sense of a

No refunds or returns for advanced disease Without a shift to a personalised breast cancer screening programme, participation rates in mammography screening may further decline. As i said goodbye to another Christmas season and headed to the mall and my local post office to exchange a gift with one that fits or is more apropos to my personal needs, I was reminded of my more than a decade-old desire to ex

Point-of-care (POC) ultrasound refers to ultrasound exams performed by the treating clinician and other non-imaging-specialist healthcare professionals. While many types of ultrasound scanners can be purchased for POC exams—including a full-featured cart-based system costing more than $100,000—several vendors now market scanners that are specifically intended for POC applications. In addition to user

The 13th edition of Medical Imaging Informatics and Teleradiology (MIIT) conference to take place in Ontario, Canada. This year’s exciting programme will feature talks on imaging in an EMR-centric enterprise, radiology service outreach for physician engagement, using imaging informatics in quality initiatives, artificial intelligence as well as many other trending topics in the field. The thirteenth

A simple solution to a complex problem. Implementing electronic clinical handover in a hospital for better patient safety Clinical handover: defining the problem Clinical handover is defined as inter-clinician communication occurring at care interfaces. This usually refers to changes of shift within a clinical team. In essence, clinical handover is the transfer of professional responsibility and accoun

How healthcare IT can impact business models. What is the potential for information technology to transform healthcare processes and where will the consumer stand? For more than eleven years, I have been active via the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) as a pro-bono member of the board of ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK. This is the incubator for healthcare digital transformation projects and has the l

Modern-day devices to help the modern-day patient. How the use of video information and modern-day devices can help with patients who are dealing with anxiety in anticipation of radiology testing and treatment. In December 2015, Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s imaging services department was selected and honoured as one of seven grant recipients by AHRA and Toshiba’s Putting Patients First Program.

Fighting hospital patient isolation is the aim of a talkative robot. Looking ahead to increased elderly patient care, researchers have trialled a robot that creates a more social ward environment. What do snowmen have for breakfast?” asks Junior, the hospital’s assistive robotic technology, as he stands in front of a bed-bound patient. it’s not easy to keep your spirits high in hospital, but the

Founded in the same year as the NHS and celebrating its 70th birthday in 2018, the UK charity Music in Hospitals & Care continues to deliver the benefits of live music to adults and children right across the healthcare sector. The conventional wisdom is that even the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians realised there was a link between music and human emotion. Even so, it was only thanks to the vision o


Way forward for sustainability of healthcare sector. Healthcare in Greece is facing a crisis. How does health spending compare with other European Union countries and what is the way forward for a sustainable future? Current situation Across the Eurozone, there is a need to reduce fiscal debts and deficits, and therefore to reduce annual public spending. This policy is being stifled, however, and the c

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Top Quote from Blog How does a local heart foundation benefit research and public health? “With a local heart foundation we saw that—when local cardiologists are actively involved on the board of such a foundation—we can have further impact on cardiovascular health in the region.” See more at: https://iii.hm/h59

Top Quote from Blog Sustainable access to affordable medicines: how can the multilateral trading system contribute? “Trade is not just an economic activity. it is how many countries obtain access to the funda- mental needs of human life and wellbeing, notably essential medicines. no country can realistically aspire to be fully self-reliant in pharmaceuticals. International trade is t

Top Quote from Blog Reflections on smart data healthcare future “The mass of information that is not completely organised today will inevitably become so and open up new possibilities from the simple disappearance of paper giving way to new concepts and adding value to information - if it is well organised, used, interpreted.” See more at: https://iii.hm/h54

Top Quote from Blog Appropriate utilisation of imaging and defensive medicine - where do we stand? “Broadly speaking, more examinations are performed which, instead, potentially harm the patients, decreasing the benefit-to-risk ratio of our diagnostic test. The overuse of CT has other implications as well,including radiation exposure, organisational issues, and increased costs. Despite this, we strong

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