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2016 17 Jan

The healthcare industry is expected to boom in the years to come with a projected growth rate of 26.5 percent from 2012-2022. Patricia Pittman, PhD, codirector of the GW Health Workforce Institute at George Washington University and associate professor of health policy and management points out that by 2022, one in eight jobs in the US will be in...Read more

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2016 24 Sep

The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) has produced posters, videos and a book on personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff working with radiation, to help reduce exposure to diagnostic X- rays and develop radiation safety knowledge in and beyond the radiology department. The guidance gives practical advice on how staff should select, wear...Read more

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2017 17 Mar

  Executive summary   In today’s competitive hiring environment, hospitals must do all they can to attract, retain, and develop their workforce. This white paper outlines measures for improving operational efficiency in a way that drives productivity as well as employee satisfaction. It also addresses how to build the kind of institutional...Read more

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2017 23 Jul

An independent UK healthcare body dedicated to improving patient experience and supporting frontline staff in the sector says National Health Service (NHS) personnel have become the “shock absorbers” of an overburdened system .     It goes on to say positive staff experience is essential for employees to be at their best with patients....Read more

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2018 20 Feb

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2018 06 Mar

New research published in the journal Procedia Engineering further justifies the need for hospitals to focus more on making working conditions less stressful for their staff. Researchers say that high levels of stress and a lack of motivation among healthcare staff could result in hospitals having to shut down in the wake of a major incident such as...Read more

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2018 09 May

Compared to workers in other sectors, healthcare staff face significant risks of workplace violence. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), from 2002 to 2013, the rate of serious workplace violence incidents was more than four times greater in healthcare than in private industry. Amidst recent cases of attacks...Read more

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2018 29 Aug

While hospitals always strive to ensure safety of their patients, most are unaware or ignore that healthcare staff also face work-related hazards and need protection from both physical and psychological harms.  These statistics show the jeopardy that healthcare workers are exposed to daily is serious: - In 2013, one in five reported nonfatal...Read more

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2018 07 Nov

With the shift toward value-based care, healthcare providers are focused on their most pressing challenges: improving the patient and staff experience; increasing diagnostic confidence; enabling greater efficiency and productivity; and facilitating data-driven practice management. The need to connect data and technology to enable precision healthcare...Read more

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2020 30 Mar

As the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding, many healthcare workers are faced with previously unknown situations and lack of essential skills. To assist those in need of additional information, a number of organisations around the world are launching special online educational resources.      If you want to share your experience and perspective...Read more

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2020 12 Oct

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals face higher infection risk arising from both community exposure and occupational hazards. As noted in a new study by Harvard and Massachusetts General Brigham researchers (Shenoy et al. 2020), COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests show persistently positive results among healthcare workers....Read more

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2020 29 Dec

While adherence to evidence-based protocols for sepsis care ('SEP-1 bundles') can help reduce in-hospital mortality and length of stay, a new U.S. study ( Lasater et al. 2020) says improving patient-to-nurse staffing ratios has greater impact on patient outcomes.   You might also like: How preventable are in-hospital sepsis-associated...Read more

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2023 23 May

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