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If you’re striving for a faster, more accurate diagnosis at an affordable cost…

Our Supria CT scanner will help you achieve it.

Supria is ideal for broad range of CT examinations. It delivers excellent image quality. It’s easy to use. It’s designed with a compact footprint; and it comes in two editions build around your needs – and all for a modest investment.


  • High-speed scanning with sub-second rotation time requires less than one second per rotation.
  • Latest technologies come as standard for high-image quality, low dose exposure and fast reconstruction.
  • Open (yet compact) design with a 75cm wide bore and true three-module design, requiring minimal space.
  • Automated and intuitive scan operations deliver quick and consistent results.


Lower your dose without lowering image quality

Obey the ALARA principle and adapt your exam settings to each patient’s individual anatomy and size. Thanks to iterative reconstruction technologies, Supria delivers the best balance between low dose and high image quality.



  • Noise reduction technology with iterative reconstruction for low dose and high image quality with INTELLI IP Advanced.
  • Automatic modulation of mA to lower individual patient dose levels depending on patient size with INTELLI EC.
  • Lower kV settings to scan below the typical 120 kV - ideal for paediatric patients or for better contrast detection.
  • Tilt gantry ± 30° for easier access and targeted plane setting: for example to avoid artefacts from teeth fillings or dose exposures to the eyes.
  • Dose Reporting to monitor dose levels and compliance with all legal and clinical documentation requirements.



Patient-centric and user-friendly


Supria comes with an open design to accommodate all kinds of different patients. It’s easy to operate and helps you to work more consistently and productively.  



  • 75cm wide bore to ease patient anxiety and allow easy positioning.
  • Suitable for patients up to 227 kg, with a scan range of 180cm for tall patients.
  • Console with a 24” monitor for a full, at-a-glance overview of the exam, with scan controller attached to the keyboard.
  • Quick Entry screen for easy patient registration.
  • Password-protected protocols to avoid unintended changes to the parameters.




  • Correct image artefacts caused by metal implants using HiMAR.
  • Ensure high image quality with fewer artefacts even during high-pitch scanning with our unique 3D reconstruction algorithm, the CORE method.
  • MPR Spine automatically sets MPR planes of curved structures like the spine, which are difficult to handle manually.
  • Automatic MPR reconstruction with pre-programmed protocols for every target region.
  • DICOM MWM (Modality Worklist Management) for patient registration already at the reception desk.



Special features for specialised needs

Sometimes, routine CT scans just aren’t enough. For some patients and pathologies you need more specific tools - which is why Supria offers dedicated scanning modes for various applications that go beyond the routine.



  • Perform a complete biopsy or pain therapy in real time from a large monitor in the scanner room with Guide Shot for CT fluoroscopy.
  • View images on any PC with the same GUI in high definition, leaving the console free for the next patient - using Hyper Q-net.
  • Body fat analysis with fatPointer provides indicators of vascular diseases.
  • Lung analysis creates images for comparison and analysis of the nodule area.
  • CT Colonoscopy analyses the colon region via a virtual endoscopic, panoramic image.
  • Tooth-jaw analysis for dental exams.
  • Calcium Scoring with low-dose ECG triggered prospective scan.



Flexible Specifications and Compact Siting

Supria is a true three-module system: consisting of just a gantry, table and console. No transformers or separate units are needed and it’s available in two editions, 32 or 128 slices - whatever fits your requirements.



  • Comes in two editions, 16 channels / 32 slices or  64 channels / 128 slices.
  • 20 or 40mm detector coverage.
  • 50cm effective field of view.
  • Whole body, high-speed scanning with sub-second rotation time.
  • Large, 75cm gantry bore.
  • Gantry tilt of ±30 degrees to adapt to teeth artefacts or reduce dose exposure of eyes.
  • Easy siting with only three modules (gantry, table, console).
  • EcoMode reduces standby power consumption.
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