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Advanced diagnostic performance at a flexible price.


What’s your ideal ultrasound experience?
Perhaps you want a system with high image quality, yet with added flexibility in the spec that you choose. Maybe you need premium measurement capabilities that makes patient diagnosis more accurate and efficient. And almost certainly, you’re looking for all this at an affordable price. 

Welcome to the ARIETTA 750. Empower your Ultrasound!

  • Great image quality delivered by our latest processing technologies like eFocusing and Carving Imaging.
  • Premium, AI-based measurement functions that take patient diagnosis to the next level. 
  • Excellent probe coverage for a wide range of therapeutic areas.

ARIETTA 850 SE achieves outstanding clinical benefits thanks to the following features:

New generation of transducers, Linear 4G CMUT (Capacitive Micro machined Ultrasound Transducer) and Convex single crystal transducers with high quality imaging adapted for a variety of examinations.

  • Conventionally, the superior resolution obtained with high frequency ultrasound is only used for superficial examinations due to its limited penetration. Lower frequencies are needed to examine deeper structures, thus multiple transducers are required to cover the full range of examinations. The world’s first practical use of the CMUT silicon wafer technology for breast application, was introduced by Hitachi in 2009. In the next-generation technology, thanks to exclusive Hitachi patents the bandwidth and sensitivity has been dramatically increased. In addition Pulsed Doppler and Colour Doppler allowing to image blood flow as well as Harmonic mode are now available. CMUT now delivers a one-probe solution for a wide range of ultrasound examinations.
  • In addition, Hitachi has developed a new convex abdominal probe using single crystal piezoelectric elements. With single crystal technology, the direction of the mechanical strains in the material are correctly aligned to produce a highly efficient piezoelectric effect, with resultant enhancement in sensitivity.

New transmission and reception technology eFocusing, resulting in high definition imaging from the near to far field.

  • The ultrasound beams are focused with subsequent improvement in image definition throughout the depth of field. Patient-dependent variability is reduced and accuracy of focal settings no longer user-dependent. Additionally, the multiple transmit and receive cycles used to synthesize each scan line mean that eFocusing improves S/N ratio (the ratio of intensity between the received signal and background noise) and further enhances image quality.

LCD monitor achieving high contrast resolution

  • ARIETTA 850 SE features a 23'' wide LCD monitor for an optimum image display. 

Ergonomic design and the function of Protocol Assistant for high operability comfort, enhancing workflow.

  • The physical impact of maintaining an unnatural posture, repetitive movements or using an extended reach for a long period of time, places significant stress on the operator. The monitor arm and operating console of ARIETTA 850 / 850 SE have both been developed to provide a wide range of movement allowing ergonomic alignment so that the users’ comfort is maintained even during lengthy examinations. Additionally, Protocol Assistant, enabling prior examination protocol registration, promotes efficient workflow.

Treatment support using a synchronized display with CT/MR images

  • RVS (Real-time Virtual Sonography) offers superior real-time navigation for treatment, merging real-time ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR images.
  • Advancements in real-time RFA needle guidance can bring significant improvements to the treatment technique.
  • In the cardiovascular application the advanced auto tracking function of Eyeball EF and 2D Tissue Tracking (2DTT) permits evaluation of cardiac function with high precision and accuracy.
  • The ARIETTA 850 SE is compatible with a wide range of transducers, supporting a wide variety of specific procedures including surgery and urology. Contrast enhanced ultrasound, Real-time Tissue Elastography and Shear Wave Measurement are supplementary tools that can aid in the detection of additional lesions.
  • In OB/GYN, high-resolution B-mode imaging coupled with eFLOW, the advanced flow mapping mode that offers increased sensitivity to flow in minute vessels, and auto-measurement features, facilitates accurate assessment of fetal well-being. In addition, ARIETTA is equipped with a diverse range of advanced functions including Dual Gate Doppler, valuable for diagnosing fetal arrhythmia, and 3D, 4D,STIC, providing morphological observation of the baby and the fetal heart.

The ultrasound platform features: 

  • Pure Imaging evolved to fit your sight offering unprecedented image quality, optimized to user preferences
  • Seamless workflow evolved to fit your touch providing excellent ergonomics, easy-of-use, precision and efficiency for a comfortable examination experience
  • Advanced applications to fit your process such as RVS in support of RFA, Elastography, Fetal 3D and many other technologies which help you to increase your diagnostic confidence


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