Pipette tip ZipTip® Merck Millipore

Pipette tip ZipTip® Merck Millipore

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ZipTip is a 10 µL pipette tip with a 0.6 or 0.2 µL bed of chromatography media that is fixed at its end with no dead volume. It is known to be suitable for the purpose of purifying and concentrating of samples for sensitive downstream analyses. It facilitates Single-step desalting. It is ideal for getting data on proteins, peptides and nucleic acids. It definitely saves time and gets rid of time-consuming chromatography. It is known to be extremely easy to use. All you need to do is just place the tip on multi-channel or single pipettor. It facilitates fractionate complex samples for the purpose of getting more meaningful data. For sample binding, you need to aspirate and dispense through the media several times. Similarly, you will be required to remove and dispense the right wash solvent to for the purpose of the removal of contaminants. For applications that requires smaller relution volumes, micro-bed format that contains 0.2 µL of media will be available.
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